Hassrale Trips: 7 Dials
Date: Wednesday 30th July 1997
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This trip starts at Cambridge Circus and winds slowly up to New Oxford St. The nearest tube station to the start is Leicester Square. Take the east side exit onto Charing Cross Road and walk north to Cambridge Circus. Just past a large Pizza restaurant you will find:

1. Marquis of Granby - 142 Shaftesbury Avenue {3-105} [18:30]
Courage Best, Directors, Theakstons Best

Small neat one bar pub overlooking the busy junction of Shaftesbury Avenue and Charing Cross Road. Not that busy but seemed to attract a fair number of bemused tourists who looked around and left or asked directions. Juke box but not too intrusive. Decor looked fairly recent, nice brass leaning rail on bar, chairs in good condition. Food only at lunchtimes but was doing fair trade in coffee. Phone in its own seperate room.

Go down West St till you reach Upper St Martins Lane, then turn left up Monmouth St till you reach:

2. Two Brewers Tavern - 40 Monmouth St {3-113} [19:15]
Courage Directors, Theakstons Best

Large pub with seats outside. Fairly quiet inside. Very much of a theatre feel with various pictures and other memorabilia. Note the stained glass ceiling at the rear of the bar. Seems to do a good range of Indian food at lunchtime but no sign of food in the evening. Lots of wooden panelling and odd little nooks and crannies dotted around. The present bar dates from the 30's, the original pub was called the Sheep's Head.

Continue on up Monmouth St to 7 Dials where 7 roads met, wonder at the strange monument in the middle of the junction and you will then see:

3. Crown - 43 Monmouth St {3-99} [20:00]
Burton, Tetleys, Adnams bitter

Single bar pub, fairly busy. Island bar. Looking out over the actual Seven Dials. Note the profusion of clocks dotted around the pub, there may even have been 7 in the pub itself! Beware the staircase down to the toilets.

Continue on Monmouth St till it meets Shaftesbury Avenue, which you need to cross then look for St Giles High St where you will find:

4. Angel - 61 St Giles High Street {3-91} [20:45]
Greene King Abbott, Courage Best, Directors

Large pub divided into two parts, fairly shabby appears not to have been refurbished for some time. Heavy damask curtains closing off most of thw windows and contributing to a dark atmosphere. A tavern has stood on this site since the 16th Century.

Back to Shaftesbury Avenue and almost at New Oxford St you have:

5. Bloomsbury Tavern - 236 Shaftesbury Avenue {3-95} [21:30]
Marstons Pedigree, Breakspears Bitter, Popes, Tetleys

Nicholsons Inn, narrow single bar pub. Sky TV and a juke box. Bar distinguished by lots of wood and brass, interesting windows. Built in 1904 as the Bloomsbury Wine Lodge and licenced for wine and spirits only until 1961.

Leaving here you turn right on New Oxford St for Tottenham Court Rd Stn or left for Holborn Station. If you are still thirsty you may care to pop into the Princess Louise on the way to Holborn Station.

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Survey Details:
Date: Wednesday 2nd July 1997
Team: J.Wright, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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