Hassrale Trips - Borough Market

Date: Tuesday 7th March 1989

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This trip is based around the Borough Market near London Bridge so is quite handy to get to and away from. There is an uncertainty about food but most of the pubs seem to do some sort of food. You takes your chance.

The first pub is located on the corner of Stoney Street and Southwark Street.

1. Southwark Tavern - 22 Southwark St [18:30]

Beers: Adnams Bitter, Boddingtons Bitter, Wadworths 6X, Ind Coope Bitter (choice may vary)

A corner pub recently acquired by the Nicholsons Group. Expensive beer. This is one of the pubs that opens early in the morning to serve breakfast to the market workers. May have some snacks in the evening. Downstairs bar on site of old debtors prison.

2. Hop Cellars - 24 Southwark St [19:15]

Beers: Balls Bitter

A cellar bar in the famous Hop Exchange building. The beer is specially brewed for the pub and is extremely expensive it may also be quite strong so beware. Only sells by the pint from the handpump that is not marked. Again it may have some food. Closes at 21:30.

3. Wheatsheaf - 6 Stoney St [20:00]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors, Russian Stout

An excellent and unspoiled pub named after the monogram of the man who made the stained glass for the nearby Cathedral (a bit of history there). Pictures on the wall depict old Southwark. A gem of a pub with really good beer. May have some food.

4. Market Porter - 9 Stoney St [20:45]

Beers: Market Bitter and Special, Boddingtons Bitter, Marstons Pedigree, Greene King Abbot and IPA (may vary)

An extremely well known pub also in the Nicholson chain with their kind of prices. Also brews next door to the pub. Bar/Restaurant upstairs doubles as a music venue at times. Can get very crowded. Some food possible.

5. Globe - 8 Bedale St [21:30]

Beers: Charrington IPA and Bass

Another pub tucked away behind the market which opens early in the morning. A typical basic market pub of the spit and sawdust variety. A reasonably empty but pleasant pub right under the Cathedral. Food a possibility.

Well this finishes the trip around the market but if there is time left a visit should be made to:-

6. George Inn - 77 Borough High St

Beers: Wethereds Bitter, Brakespears Bitter, Boddingtons Bitter, Greene King Abbot (may vary)

A famous old coaching inn with a number of bars and usually pretty full of tourists (beware of coach trips). Has cooked food in the evening but may have finished by the time we call. Well worth a visit and near to London Bridge.

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