Hassrale Trips - Tower Hamlets (3)

Date: Monday 22nd May 1989

The nearest station is Bow Road Underground Station which is on the District Line. Come out of the station, turn right, cross the road and on the left is the first pub.

1. Little Driver - 125 Bow Road

Beers: Charrington IPA

The rate book shows a pub of this name on the site in 1805 when it was associated with coach drivers. The present pub dates from 1851. At this time steam engines were a novelty (as they are now) and were often featured in pub signboards, especially in areas with a strong link with the railway industry. The present sign portrays a tiny train driver who contrasts with the huge train in the background. The bar displays a huge Hoare and Company mirror, commemorating a former brewery of the area. Food is always available.

Turn left out of the pub, then left along Fairfield Road and opposite Bow Bus garage is

2. Bromley Arms - 51 Fairfield Road

Beers: Shepherd Neame

One of three recent acquisitions in Bow by Shepherd Neame. Small one bar pub with a parrot and a nice stained glass door. Rolls available.

Turn right out of pub and left into Bow Road.

3. Ye Olde Three Tuns - 185 Bow Road

Beers: Wethereds

Friendly mock Tudor style, two bar pub. Three Tuns appears on the arms of the Company of Vinters and Brewers Company. Darts and Shove Ha'penny. No food in the evening.

Turn right out of pub, cross over the road, turn left into Bromley High Street and on the left is the next pub.

4. Blue Anchor - 67 Bromley High Street

Beers: Websters Yorkshire

Still resembles a traditional East End local. Has a piano and a selection of Toby jugs. Originally owned by the Kings Arms Brewery, part of the London & Burton Brewery Co., who were taken over by Watney Coombe Reid in 1929. The freehold was sold to the LCC in 1950. Rolls and sandwiches available.

Cross over the road to the next pub

5. Moulders Arms - 50/2 Bromley High Street

Beers: Websters Yorkshire, Trumans Best, Ruddles County

Very expensive pub surrounded by high rise flats. Pictures of film stars and a history of the pub decorate the lounge bar walls. Hot meals and sandwiches available.

Turn left out of the pub, then left into Stroudly Walk and then a five minute walk along Devons Road.

6. Widows Son - 75 Devons Road

Beers: Burton

The pub is locally referred to as the 'Bun House' because of a famous legend. About one hundred and fifty years ago there was on this site a cottage in which lived a widow and her sailor son. He left for the sea and was expected to return at Easter. His mother kept a hot cross bun for him. He did not return but each year the widow kept a bun for him. When the pub was built on the site in about 1848 the publican retained the custom and the annual 'Hanging of the bun' was made a clause in the lease of the building. Each year a sailor hangs a fresh bun on Good Friday.

Next door is Devons Road Station which is on the Docklands Line to Stratford. Or turn right into Devons Road and follow the road to Bromley-by-Bow station which is on the District line.

Survey Details

Date: Monday 20th February 1989

Team: Barbara Waby, Dave Saffery, Paul Tiffany, Reg Wright

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