Date: Wednesday 4th April 1990

As its name suggest this trip is centred around the area recently invaded by some expatriots of DSS who have now been inveigled into Kensington High Streets most imposing barracks.

The immediate vicinity is only accessible via Olympia tube and this in turn is accessed using the shuttle operating from the platform adjacent to the Westbound District line at Earls Court. On leaving the platform turn to the right then turn left up Macliser Road. As it meets Blythe Road we encounter the rendez-vous. Leaving times are referred to by [].

1. The Frigate and Firkin ­ 24 Blythe Road W14/W12 [18.30]

Beers: Bruces Frigate Ale, Wingspan and Dogbolter & Marstons Pedigree

Sorry about the confusion, but the beer mat says it's in W12 Although the pub was formerly the Beaconsfield (52A in the W. London guide) and used to be in W14! A traditional Bruces pub, except for the chandeliers. Bare floorboards and old-style tables and chairs. Sports a food bar serving Firkin baps and other bar snacks of a hotter variety. On leaving, turn left back to Blythe Road then continue right until Kensington High Street. Turn left then cross over after a little while to encounter Warwick Road. Keep on the right hand side past the “barracks” and we come to the welcoming beacon of ...

2. The Radnor Arms ­ 247 Warwick Road [19.15]

Beers: Everards Tiger, Beacon, Old Original, Mild + guest beers

This (for those that attend the building, but weren't aware) is the closest hostelry to Charles House! A better claim to fame is that it is the only Everards owned pub in London. A basic back-street pub it says here, if one can call the Warwick Road a back street. Friendly atmosphere. Food available 6 - 8 pm. Haunt of darts players and also has a quiz machine. Leaving here, endeavour to cross the main road (hopefully the side street should not present any problem yet!) then head for the second pub down, which is ...

3. Britanniá Tap ­ 150 Warwick Road [19.45]

Beers: Youngs Bitter & Special

A reasonable well-appointed pub. It may seem narrow now, but prior to being enlarged in 1969 it claimed to be the smallest bar in London. Used to be the tap room for William Wells’ brewery on the site of the Britannia in Allen Street (also now Youngs). Limited seating but quiet. Food available. Exit stage right and within stumbling distance is ...

4. Warwick Arms ­ 16 Warwick Road [20.30]

Beers: Fullers Chiswick Bitter, London Pride & ESB

This is a warm and friendly single bar pub festooned with numerous ornaments, including some euphonia (euphoney-er?). Not many seats, but the area designated for eaters at the Eastern end can be used especially as they may not be serving anything other than sandwiches in the evening. From here we return to Kensington High Street. The third main turning on the right is Earls Court Rd and down on the right is ...

5. The Hansom Cab ­ 84 Earl's Court Road [21.15]

Beers: Charrington Bass & IPA

Handily situated for (and probably populated by) the local police station, this is an extensive one bar pub with three separate drinking areas. Contains massive varnished wood bar fittings featuring unusual coloured insects”, so be warned. The bar is dominated by a bright yellow Hansom cab suspended from the ceiling, somewhat incongruously. Needless to say this engendered a number of comments from the survey team which you will be pleased to know I shall not be propagating (except in sealed brown envelopes in exchange for the usual fiver etc.) Out of here, turn right then at the junction turn left into Stratford Rd and keep walking until you encounter ...

6. The Devonshire Arms ­ 37 Marloes Road W8 [22.00]

Beers: Ind Coope Burton, Taylor Walker Bitter, Tetley Bitter, Youngs

Unfortunately by this point I had been so overwhelmed by the incipient beauty of the area that I was unable to provide any coherent notes so I shall have to rely on the thoughts of others such as, “extensive bar with plenty of tickling sticks. Continental breakfast served if you hang around long enough”. Otherwise it is a large single bar (U-shaped) pub with expanses of wood and etched glass. The muzak was rather loud as well. Now proceed to the left, past the tube station at the junction with the main road then cross over, turn right then left towards ...

7. The Catherine Wheel - 23 Kensington Church St [whenever]

Beers: Adnams, Boddingtons, Tetleys, Marstons Pedigree, Wadworths 6X

The interior is either mock-Victorian or mock-Edwardian. Suffice to say that although not genuine this is a comfortable Nicholsons Inn establishment with a large single bar, good beer and plenty of seating. Certainly a reasonable place to finish up the evenings exigencies and await the arrival of the ambulance etc.

For those stalwarts who wish to travel home by public transport West Kensington tube station is just close by and numerous buses have been sighted in the area. Have a safe journey.

Survey done by: Deborah Kirkwood, Iris Hodgson, Paul Loveland, Paul Tiffany and John Wright on Wednesday 31st January 1990