The modern name of Chichester derives from a version of "Cissa Ceastir" - "Cissa's fortified place". Cissa received the town from his father Aella, a chieftain from North Germany who arrived in the locality in about AD 457, 47 years after the Roman withdrawal. The Romans called the city "Noviomagus" - the new market. The city's roads and walls are much as set out in about AD53.

The train leaves Victoria at 09.21, arriving in Chichester at 11.03. Trains are hourly but there are others taking a different route, also from Victoria, in between times, probably at about 7 minutes past the hour. The fare is about UKP 11. The train divides at Worthing with the front and back going separate ways. It is important to sit in the correct place. On the trial run this was the front four coaches.

Turn left out of the station. The first pub is just across the level crossing.

01.THE GLOBE [11.51]

Beers: Tetley - Friary

Quite a pleasant pub and handy for those with a thirst following the long journey. Was very noisy in the evening but should be quieter a mere three minutes after it opens. Unless HASSRALE constitutes a noisy group that is!


Beers: Friary - Burton

Also visible from the station but a little further away in the opposite direction. An excellent, pleasant little two bar pub with tackle on the walls in the comfortable lounge bar. There is a smallish public bar with a pool table and a juke box. A good range of snacks which are a little expensive but typical of the area (04 is the only pub with cheaper food). There is seating on the canal bank if the weather is good enough and quite a pleasant view in any event. Also features a curly little Bruce. Donations to the canal restoration society can be made on the way to the next pub. Leave by the garden exit through the car park to save walking right round the pub.

03.THE CROWN [13.31]

Ruddles County/Best - Webster

A flagstone floor. Lots of little rooms including a games room. reasonable range of bar snacks. A CD jukebox and a quiz machine despite being a grade 1 listed building.


Beeers: Gales Butser/HSB

Small basic friendly local. Food is OK and cheaper than anywhere else. Hot meals available till 14.00 rolls etc. all day.

05.THE BUSH INN [15.11]

Beers: Burton

Don't be too late getting here the pub closes at 15.30. A slightly plush smart pub with a pleasant atmosphere. Good jukebox. Excellent beer on the trial run.

06.THE EASTGATE [16.01]

Beers: Gales Butser/HSB/Best/Winter Ale/Gales Fruit Wines

A more basic, traditional but friendly city centre local pub. There is a cosy front bar, pleasantly appointed and the rear (Gate) bar serves as a saloon though without the space of the main bar. It is a nice woody place but beware the flat and highly polished bar stools. The subdued lighting may give a dingy look to the place. Has a beer garden and another excellent jukebox (showing one's age here I'm afraid).

07.THE NAGS [16.51]

Beers: Boddingtons/Flowers/Gales HSB/Marston Pedigree

Changed its name from the more traditional Nags Head but hasn't totally ruined the pub. Indeed it could be described as a lovely well proportioned olde worlde basic pub with lots of fragmented seating areas, parquet flooring (an unusual feature for a pub, apparently) and beams. There is a large single bar with a separate area devoted to food. A bit bookish it is also a dreaded WHITBREAD PUB!

08.THE PARK TAVERN [17.41]

Beers: Gales Winter Ale/Butser/HSB

A nice pubby sort of pub spoilt only slightly by the loud background music and the fact that it no longer sells all the bottled Belgian beers that it advertises. Food only available in the restaurant (Barbara said they had one table in there) which was fully booked on the trial. Boycotters of the previous pub (and quick walkers) should note that this one does not open until 17.00.

09.THE WHITE HORSE [18.31]

Flowers Original/Marstons Pedigree/Whitbreads Strong Country


A busy pseudo olde worlde pub with an authentic looking interior; just off the pedestrianised area and for some reason popular with youngsters. There are plenty of tables (and chairs of course) in the comfortable one bar area. It is a more peaceful and qualitative pub than many of its kind, except when the instant "background" music impinges. Boycotters should note that this is another dreaded WHITBREAD PUB - and you're not missing too much if you walk on by.

10.THE KINGS HEAD [19.21]

Beers: Mansfield/Old Bailey/Tetley/Burton/Friary

An excellent dim two-bar pub with a nice, quiet and capacious lounge bar. Just a normal sort of place with plenty of seating. The beer was in good condition and there were also special offers on malt whiskies.


Beers: Directors/Burton/Sussex/Tetley

A deceptively large pub with two bars; really one in a large circle. Toilets are upstairs. A smart, comfortable and quiet pub first thing in the morning and not too crowded at this end of the trip. A good range of food and coffee though probably not as late as this. Quiz machine.

That ends the trip. The station is about three minutes walk if you turn right as you leave the pub and the platform for London is the one you come to first - so it is quite handy. The train is 20:17 arriving in London at 22:00. There is also one at 21:17 and a couple of later ones for those that can't bear to drag themselves away so early. There is a burger bar between the pub and the station (on the other side of the road) for a last food stop, if required.

Survey date : 20th October 1990

Survey team : Edmund Featherstone, Deborah Kirkwood, Dave Saffery, Chris Smart, Barbara Waby, Martin Williams, John Wright, Reg Wright.