Hassrale Trips: Parsons Green

Date: Wednesday 7th June 2000

This is the second of our trips down the Wimbledon branch of the District Line. A bit of a mixed bag of pubs but there was some excellent beer so it was worth the trip. Start at Parsons Green tube station and turn right when you exit the station (not left as I did!). Walk to the end of Parsons Green lane where you should see the triangular grassed patch that is Parsons Green. The first pub should be on the other side of the road.

1. White Horse - 1 Parsons Green [18:30]

Beers: Highgate Dark Mild, Roosters Yankee, Harveys Sussex, Bass, Adnams Extra

Large modern looking pub overlooking the green. Seating outside. Polished wooden floor. Large wooden tables and bench seating. Plain glass windows obscured by venetian blinds. Display case of Belgian beers with their various glasses. Mainly brewing memorabilia on the walls, beers in good condition. Extensive food menu. Good range of bottled beers, including aforementioned Belgian beers. Peanuts not on sale only kettle crisps (is this a class or style thing?). Looked like it might get busy later on, the bar staff were running round dropping menus on the tables [including beer recommendations with each dish]. I suspect that the beers change fairly often so no guarantees what will actually be on.

We now take the walk across Parsons Green using the path and avoiding the large packs of wild dogs (slight exaggeration here, they were reasonably tame). You should easily make out the impressive edifice of the next pub.

2. Duke of Cumberland - 235 New Kings Road [19:15]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special

Large pub with central bar, a long front area leads to a bigger more open back area which is more dimly lit and possesses a table football machine and a number of cosy alcoves. Front part has numerous Victorian touches including a nicely tiled wall. Wooden floored throughout. Impressive light fitting over bar but not original. TV parked in a cupboard over the main entrance. This pub was obviously once divided into multiple bars now sadly knocked into one. Fairly busy but there was no problem getting a seat.

Now this is the bit where we get lost, well not actually lost but we started walking aimlessly down New Kings Road and managed to miss the turning on the right into Munster Road (about the 4th or 5th turning). Walk up Munster Road Till this crosses Fulham Road where we turn left and walk a short distance down to:-

3. Pitcher & Piano - 871 Fulham Road [20:00]

Beers: Marstons Pedigree

Young Persons pub, obviously a new establishment, i.e not a former pub, more likely a couple of shop premises knocked together. Loud music drowned out by the hubbub of conversation. Wine bar style interior. There were some comfortable looking sofas but all were occupied, however there were various shelves that you could park yourself against. There were a few suits scattered about but they like us seemed somewhat out of place. However the beer was drinkable and that's our only criterion!

Head back to the junction with Munster Road and cross over to find:-

4. Rat & Parrot - 704 Fulham Road [20:45]

Beers: Courage Directors

Formerly the Durrell Arms (according to the SW London Pub Guide). This is still more of a pub that the last one we have just been in. Actually quite pleasant (at least until someone put a record on the juke box) large premises. Comfortable seating with plenty of tables and chairs. Polished wooden floors, wooden panelled walls and a large bar area overlooking Fulham Road and Munster Road. They were having a beer promotion of a four pint jug for the price of three pints. This was only supposed to run up to 8:00 PM but the barman insisted that we had the jug even though we were a couple of minutes past the hour, still I'm not complaining.

Now walk back down Munster Road till you reach the turning on your left for St Dionis Road. The pub is almost at the end of this road.

5. Jolly Brewers - 2 St Dionis Road [21:30]

Beers: Bass

A back street local, although the locals are not the type to frequent the Rovers Return! Not much of a choice of beer though the beer guide suggest that they should have London Pride on as well. One bar (are'nt they all these days, is there a legislative reason?). Not particularily busy. I think that there was football on the TV but luckily this doesn't make much noise. The church opposite is St Dionis after which the road is named.

Leaving here and a few paces takes us back to Parsons Green where time permitting I would suggest a second visit to the White Horse before our return to Parsons Green tube station.

Survey Details:

Present: John Wright, James Featherstone, Edmund Featherstone

Date: 3rd May 2000

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