Hassrale Trips - Great Portland St

Date: Tuesday 13th February 1990

Continuing our trip around London HQ buildings we move down the road from Euston Tower to Portland Court. The first pub is opposite Portland St tube station. Times of leaving are in (-).

1. Albany - 240 Gt. Portland St (6.15)

Beers: Burton, Taylor Walker, Tetley, Adnams

Large one bar pub. Good range of food available. A refuge from the hustle and bustle outside.

Go down Bolsover St, left into Greenwell St and you will eventually arrive at:

2. George and Dragon - 151 Cleveland St (7.00)

Beers: Bass, IPA, Fullers ESB

Small one bar pub. Varnished wood is the order of the day. Choose any colour for your seat as long as its blue! Is the fire in the corner real? Note the Michael Caine look-alike barman. Food available.

Turn right out of pub, go down Cleveland St, turn left into Grafton Way and then right into Conway St where you will find:

3. Adams Arms - Conway St (7.45)

Beers: IPA, Bass

Not much seating in here, HASSRALE maurauding tactics required! Interesting collection of photos of TV celebrities in their younger days. This pub was named after a famous Scottish architect who obviously did not design the pub.

You are best following the map to the next pub which is:

4. Dover Castle - 43 Weymouth Mews (8.30)

Beers: Adnams, Boddingtons, Marstons Pedigree, Ruddles County

Nice local with a good range of beer which was well kept. Spot the toby, see the saw. Plenty of seats in the back room.

Return to Weymouth St, turn right into Harley St. and then left into Devonshire St. You will discover:

5. Devonshire Arms - 21A Devonshire St (9.15)

Beers: Adnams, Tetley, 6X

Plush pub with excellent mirrors and tiles

Retrace your steps down Devonshire St and near the end is:

6. Masons Arms - 58 Devonshire St (10.00)

Beers: IPA, Bass, Yorks, Wells Eagle

One bar pub with a veranda on the bar. More toby!

We are fairly close to our first pub so tube stations are nearby. For those in need of sustenance the famous Poppadums is a couple of minutes walk away as is Anwars.

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