Hassrale Trips: Gt Portland St

Date: Wednesday 15th July 1998


This trip takes one from Oxford Circus station to Warren St station via 5 pubs. This is a nice gentle stroll for a summers evening. Starting at Oxford Circus walk east till you reach the turning on your left for Great Portland Street. Then walk up several blocks past at least one pub till you come to:-

1. The George - 55 Gt Portland St

Beers:- Greene King IPA (3.6%) £1.95, Rayments Special bitter (4.0%) £1.95, Abbot Ale (5.0%) £2.15, Smiles Heritage (5.2%) £2.20, Marstons Pedigree (4.5%) £2.35

Large old fashioned looking pub, carpeting, dark red curtains and plenty of wood and polished brass round the bar. Seating area towards the back plus a few stools scattered around. Some seating outside in the street. Does food in the evening up to 10:00 pm. Toilets downstairs. Said to be a regular haunt of BBC staff.

Now backtrack down Great Portland Street to :-

2. Mash - 19 Gt Portland St

Beers: Own brew Regular(Mash), Peach, Wheat, Abbey style

Ultra modern cafe bar style with in-house brewery, large airport lounge type bar area with semi-circular seating and scattered tables. there is a door policy which gets heavier as the evening wears on. Table service but you can get served at the bar. Food in evidence and the mounds of fruit behind the bar point to a specializing in cocktails. In fact I understand that the main restaurant is upstairs. The toilets are downstairs and are said to be worth a visit. Very expensive, 3 pints of regular cost £8.40. The regular was a lager style beer not too gassy and tasted OK. The beer strengths were Mash 5.4%, Wheat 5.6%, Peach 5.0%, Abbey 6.5%. This is not really a pub but is an interesting drinking experience.

Cross over Great Portland St and keep walking till you reach the turning on your right for Langham St where you will find on your right:-

3. Yorkshire Grey - 46 Langham Street

Beers: Sam Smiths OBB

Traditional one-bar pub, formerly a Courage pub. Was quite modern but now decorated in standard Sam's style with dark wood counter surround and a seperate enclosed seating area at the far end. The majority of accomodation is standing only although there are picnic style benches outside. Sad about the demise of the Museum bitter because improved variety would help all Sam Smith's pubs, however their singularity of branding does keep prices down (at £1.50 a pint).

Keep on down Langham Street till you reach Gt Titchfield Street where you turn left, cross the road and head north till you reach on your right the turning for New Cavendish Street, turn right and you will find on the corner with Hanson Street:-

4. The Ship - 134 New Cavendish St

Beers: Boddingtons, Bass

Small cluttered bar with lots of paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling and neon lights. Sign above bar says Wenlocks No 1 House, must be fairly old, something of a nautical flavour about the bar with lots of polished brass and copper.

Now continue to the end of New Cavendish Street and turn left up Cleveland Street. Cross over the road and keep heading north till you reach the turning on your left for Grafton Way, turn left and walk through Fitzroy Square and on down Grafton Way till you reach:-

5. Grafton Arms - 72 Grafton Way

Beers: Castle Eden bitter, Jennings Cumberland, Abroad Cooper + several others

Busy Hogshead pub with seating outside. Food served for part of evening. Wooden floors and tables. I think that there was an upstairs bar. There were some seats outside on the street and a fair number of people had spilled out of the pub as it was a warm evening.

Keep on down Grafton Way till you reach Tottenham Court Rd where you can turn right for Warren St station, or cross over Tottenham Court Rd and continue down Grafton Way till you reach Gower St then turn right, cross over the road and you will reach Euston Square station.

Trial Details:-

Date: Tuesday 2nd June 1998

Present: J.Wright, E.Featherstone, J.Featherstone

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