Hassrale Trips: Southampton

Date: Saturday 10th March 1990

Trains from London direction arrive in Southampton station on Platform 4. The first pub is a 20 minute stroll from the station. Leave the station by the platform 4 exit and turn left into Western Esplanade. Bear left at the traffic lights and follow Civic Centre rd. At the traffic lights turn right into Above Bar St then along here until a left turn into Pound Tree Rd which changes into South Front. Leaving times are in [].

1. Robert Burns - 9 South Front [11:45]

Beers: Eldridge Pope Best, Dorset IPA

One room bar not much space but friendly atmosphere. Food available all day. Interesting clientele - on visit two drag queens were strutting their stuff. Daffodils in both toilets.

Turn right out of here and fall into:

2. Eagle - Palmerston Road [12:15]

Beers: Whitbread Flowers, Wadworths 6X, Marstons Pedigree

Open plan pub, a bit barn-like but numerous nooks and crannies. Pleasant atmosphere and the ladies toilet smells nice!

Turn right out of pub into Palmerston Rd and further along is:

3. Angel Inn - Palmerston Road [12:45]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors, John Smiths Yorkshire Bitter

One bar though it has various offshoots, one of which has 3 pool tables for the sports(wo)men. Pub is wired for sound but no groups on Saturday lunchtimes. Classical music is played when the juke box is unsponsored - on survey we heard Beethoven and Holst. Smokey atmosphere.

Turn right out of pub and continue along Palmerston Rd to the traffic lights and turn right into New Road.

4. Bay Tree - 10 New Road [14:15]

Beers: Charrington IPA, Bass

Two bar pub with interesting menu which is to be recommended. Back bar is where serious drinkers from our office congregate.

Turn right out of pub then right over railway bridge after 50 yards to North Front, ignoring Greyhound, round Broad Green to footpath into Kingsway then through Kingsland Market turning right into St Marys St. 200 yards on the right is:

5. Joiners - 141 St Marys Street [14:45]

Beers: Everards Tiger, Eldridge Pope Royal Oak, Dorset IPA

One room bar with limited space and few seats mostly occupied by locals. Blues music playing in background.

Turn left out of pub and 30 yards on the opposite side is:

6. Oddfellows - St Marys Street [15:15]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors, John Smiths Yorkshire Bitter

Two bars - lounge is large and has plenty of seating. Bar is basic and offers usual pub games.

Turn right out of pub and continue along St Marys St.

7. Masons Arms - 45 St Marys Street [15:45]

Beers: Gales HSB, Butsers, plus wide range of Gales "home made" wines in (almost) alphabetical order

One room bar with seating available for those who are tiring. On the survey we were entertained by a local doing a "Howard Keel" impersonation giving a good account of most of the film favourites.

Turn right down St Marys St and right into Harrison's Cut. Once into Kingsway cross road, turn left and right following the park round into Houndwell Place. Facing south end of park you will see:

8. Royal Oak - Houndwell Place [16:30]

Beers: Ruddles County, Websters Yorkshire Bitter

One bar room with pleasant atmosphere. Plenty of seating. Landlord informed survey team that the pub has an upstairs cellar!

Turn left out of door into Houndwell Place and go through East Street Centre and leave by East St exit.

9. Anchor Inn - East Street [17:00]

Beers: Whitbread Flowers, Strong Country, Marstons Pedigree

One room bar which is narrow but very long. Plenty of seats available and a pleasant atmosphere. Those gentlemen who require the toilet had better be prepared for a journey to the centre of the earth.

Turn left out of the pub and continue along East St to the High St then turn left and continue along High St.

10. Red Lion - 55 High Street [18:15]

Beers: Ruddles Best, County, Websters Yorkshire Bitter

Oldest pub in Southampton and on entering you feel you have stepped back in time. We half expected to see Ygor serving behind the bar. Evening menu available. the gents is situated somewhere in the dungeons and I'm sure we could hear the screams of others who had got lost.

Turn left out of pub and continue along High St and turn left into Winkle St.

11. Platform Bar - Winkle Street [19:00]

Beers: Marstons Pedigree, Best Bitter, Mercian Mild

One room bar and plenty of seats. We recommend that everyone has a game on the hexagonal pool table - its lots of fun.

Leave by Winkle St exit and turn left into High St then right into Town Quay and you should follow the road until Bugle St and turn right. 60 yards on the right is:

12. Queen of Clubs - 7 Simnel Street [20:00]

Beers: Gales HSB, Ruddles Best

One room bar with very relaxed atmosphere. Dartboard available for the sporty.

Continue along Bugle St.

13. Castle Tavern - Castle Square [21:15]

Beers: Whitbread Flowers, Wadworths 6X

Pleasant one room bar with friendly staff. Extensive bar snack menu available at reasonable prices. Mushroom pool table (or as most of us would have it - bar billiards) is available.

The station is about 20 minutes walk from here along Western Esplanade.

Trains to Southampton

Ex Waterloo 09.45; Clapham 09.51; Woking 10.10; Basingstoke 10.31; Winchester 10.47; arrive Southampton 11:07.

Ex Waterloo 10.32; arrive Southampton 11.39, stopping at Southampton Parkway only.

Trains from Southampton

Ex Southampton 20.41; Winchester 21.02; Basingstoke 21.19; Woking 21.38; Clapham 21.57; arrive Waterloo 22.05.

Ex Southampton 20.49, stopping at every lamp-post via Farnborough to arrive Waterloo 22.38.

Ex Southampton 21.41 - as per 20.41 above.

Ex Southampton 21.49 - as per 20.49 above.

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