Hassrale Trips - Aldgate to Whitechapel

Date Tuesday 29th February 2000

This is a trip that we haven't done for some time, there are several pubs that weren't here the last time that Hassrale walked down this way and some of the pubs that I remember seemed to have shut. This is also something of interesting date as leap years of this sort should only occur every 400 years by my calculations. We start at Aldgate tube station (Circle & Met lines). On leaving the station you will find a pedestrian crossing across Aldgate High St which will take you to the bus station. To the left of this you should be able to distinguish our first pub.

1. Still & Star - 1 Little Somerset Street

Beers: London Pride, Youngs Bitter, Bass, Greene King IPA

Small pub, quiet on entry at 17:00 but started to get busy. Rather bare floor, mainly standing area though there were some seats at the back. There appeared to be extra seating upstairs but we didn't check. Heavy bars over all the windows. Interesting collection of teapots hanging from the ceiling.

Cross back over Aldgate High street and turn left (i.e walk east). To get to Whitechapel High Street you will have to cross over Middlesex Street, you will have to use the subway here. Coming out of the subway the first sight on Whitechapel High Street to greet you will be.

2. Aldgate Exchange - Whitechapel High Street

Beers: Courage Best, Directors, Tetleys, London Pride

Large pub with what appeared to be 5 TV's though there was a suggestion that three were actually video jukeboxes, actually they weren't they were just showing some obscure music channel. Reasonably plush with plenty of seats and fully carpeted. Dim orangey lighting pervaded the interior. Downstairs dive bar promised Thai food. Noted the Tubby Isaacs seafood stall round the corner from this pub.

Keeping going down the road and you will in due course find the next pub on your left.

3. White Hart - 89 Whitechapel High Street

Beers: Pedigree, Adnams Bitter

Long narrow pub with seating area right at the back. There is also a large screen TV which is prone to showing sporting events. There are plaques on the wall saying that Jack the Ripper's first victim was last seen drinking in here. Bare boards throughout but quite friendly and beer in good condition.

The next pub is not so obvious, keep going east and on your left you will see the entrance to Brick Lane, resisting the lure of curry cast your eyes right over Whitechapel High St and you will see a side road down which you will just be able to make out the lights of our next target.

4. Cauthens - Whitechapel Lane

Beers: Websters Yorkshire Bitter, Courage Best (off)

Small modern pub with two TV's showing football. Something of a racing theme informed the various decorations. Not very busy but quite friendly. Another Thornley Tavern (as was the Aldgate Exchange). The ceiling suffered from n inordinate multiplicity of fans. Dart board prominent but looked unused.

Head back to White

5. Black Bull - 199 Whitechapel Road

Beers: Nethergate IPA, Suffolk County, Old Growler (off)

Quiet pub with plenty of seating, prominent black bull on the wall, Sky TV though the main projection screen was out of action. The toilets were not marked (I wonder why), you got a good view of the District Line trains from the gents urinals. The sight of a restaurant in a bus shelter puzzled us slightly but was I think real.

Keep walking east down Whitechapel Road and you must eventually find our last pub.

6. Grave Maurice - 269 Whitechapel Road

Beers: Courage Best, guest ale (Old Baileys)

Long narrow pub with projection TV at he end. Very narrow tables. There appeared to be a real fire fuelled by wood (from the noise). The toilets claimed to be locked with the key behind the bar but in fact this was not so. The beer (the Old Baileys) was in good condition and they had smoked almonds on sale which James and my memory assures me are excellent, especially with beer!

Leaving here a small walk further along will take you to Whitechapel tube station (District, Met line) and so to home.

Trial Details:

Date: 11th January 2000

Present: J.Wright, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone