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Hassrale Trips - Angel Islington

Wednesday 19th June 1996

This trip starts at the Angel tube station and performs a small loop to the west ending up where we started. Coming out of Angel station turn left into Islington High St the right onto the Pentonville Rd (heading towards Kings X). A short walk down you will find a turning on your right onto Baron St, on the corner we find our first pub.

1. Pint Pot, 54 Pentonville Rd - [18:30] {NLBG 3/45}
Green King Abbott, there were pumps for GK IPA and London Pride but they were off on our visit

Long narrow pub, split level interior. Lots of wooden floorboards and the usual junk hanging from the ceiling. Food counter at the front of the bar. Signs pointed to the roof garden and Tudor bar and looking from outside it did appear that they had some sort of beer garden on the flat roof. The pub was fairly busy with a good sprinkling of suits.

Pressing on up Baron St we cross White Lion St and on the corner we find

2. The Three Johns, 73 White Lion St - [19:15]
Flowers IPA, John Smiths

Large single bar pub with a high ceiling. Apparently a market pub as we are very close to Chapel St Market. Not too busy on our visit but there were plenty of distractions including a juke box and Sky TV. The pub seemed to be roughly divided into a area with lots of wooden floorboards and a slightly plusher carpeted area.

Turning left down White Lion St we come to

3. Lord Wolsey, 55 White Lion St - [20:00] {NLBG 3/34}
Green King IPA, Abbott, Sorceror

Single bar pub, back room with extra seating. Sky TV, darts board. A friendly backstreet local, fairly busy but plenty of seating.

Keeping on down White Lion St we come to Penton St, where we turn left

4. Queens Arms, 29a Penton St [20:45]
Green King IPA, Ruddles (but it was off)

Large pub, comfortably furnished, divided into a number of areas, lots of evidence that they were very big in food at lunchtime, but almost deserted on our visit.

We now have to head back east down Tolpuddle Street which will lead us onto Liverpool Rd

5. George, 57 Liverpool Rd [21:30] {NLBG 3/20}
Green King IPA, Abbott, Royal Raven

Large pub, appeared to have been recently refurbished. Central bar with a whole series of different seating areas, some carpets, some wooden floorboards. Prominent pool table plus plenty of games machines.

We now head down Liverpool Rd towards its junction with Islington High St

6. Pied Bull, 1 Liverpool Rd [22:15] {NLBG 3/43}
Tetleys, Ruddles County

By this stage my memory and my notes are rather patchy but I do recall that the pub was fairly empty and that there was a curious glass canopy over the bar.

Leaving this pub you can just about see the blue sign for Angel tube station

NLBG - Angel Islington
Trial run: 8th May 1996
Present: P.Tiffany, J.Wright, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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