Hassrale Trips: Baker Street

Date: Wednesday 22nd April 1998



This was originally due to be called the Marylebone trip but we have done that too many times so it is being called the Baker Street trip. Starting from Baker St station walk west along the Marylebone road then turn left onto Gloucester Place, cross the road and you will see ..


1. Allsop Arms - 145 Gloucester Place

Courage Directors, GK Abbot Ale, Theakstons best, Young’s Bitter


Large pub plenty of seating but quite busy. Fairly young clientele with a good sprinkling of suits. Juke box but not too intrusive. Large right angled bar. Food bar still open in the evening. Some seats outside but it wasn’t the season for it on the trial run.


Continue north up Gloucester place till you get to Dorset Square, walk round the north side of the square then turn right up Balcombe St, on the corner of Taunton Mews you will find ..


2. Hobgoblin – 21 Balcombe St

Courage Best, Wychwood Special, Marstons Pedigree


Small and very busy but no music. Mainly office workers. Another bar downstairs but it didn't seem to be open. From looking at the North London beer guide it would appear that this pub used to be called Hennellys and before that the Portman Arms.


Go down Taunton Mews turn right up Linhope St continue to the top and turn into Ivor Place.


We pass the Feathers at 43 Linhope Street which is one of London's smallest pubs. Unfortunately it was shut when we walked past, but it may well be open on a different occasion. If it is open then it is worth a visit even if we have to drop one of the other pubs.


3. The Gloucester Arms - 5 Ivor Place

Old Speckled Hen, Tetleys

Single bar pub not very busy with plenty of seats. Backroom with darts and bar billiards. Seats round periphery divided into various alcoves.


Continue right along Ivor Place till it rejoins Gloucester Place then turn left and walk north till you get onto Park Road. Cross over the road and keep going till you reach ..


4. Windsor Castle - 98 Park Road

Breakspears Bitter, OBJ (5.0%), Boddingtons, Adnams Broadside


Breakspears first London pub. Very clean style, wooden stripped pine floors and bar, lots of white paint. Upstairs bar at the back which we didn't explore. Walls covered with stylish framed BW photographs.


Back along Park Road ignoring the turn into Gloucester place keep going south till the road becomes Baker St where you will find on your right ..


5. Volunteer - 245 Baker Street

Bass, Fullers London pride


Busy single bar pub popular with the younger set. Larger than you might think at first. Apparently this is an 18th C building which masqueraded as Drummonds Café bar for some years. It is reputed to have a ghost in the cellar.


Keep on south till we reach the Marylebone Road which we then cross to find ..


6. Globe - 43 Marylebone Road

Courage Best, Directors, Theakstons XB


Single bar pub looking onto the Marylebone Rd, lots of seats outside. Lots of games machines and quite busy. Said to have a bar downstairs but I didn't check. This pub is well known by people going to big matches at Wembley and gets very crowded on such days.




Trial run - Wednesday 14th January 1998

Present: E.Featherstone, J.Featherstone, J.Wright, P.Tiffany



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