Hassrale Trips:- Bankside

Date: Wednesday 27th April 1988

This trip comprises a mixture of old favourites and new pubs. The area is one which is undergoing change. There is still much dereliction but the last two pubs will show you what the South Bank is likely to end up looking like.

For late arrivals, times of leaving pubs are shown in [] after the pub names.

1. King's Arms - 25 Roupell St SE1 [18:15]

Beers:- Tetleys, Taylor Walker and Burton

This small, friendly two bar pub is always worth a visit. Whilst waiting for late arrivals, you might like to try and count all the minatutes in the cabinets on the walls. It should not take more than one half-hour. For those too hungry to wait until we reach pubs 4 and 5, sandwiches are available here.

2. Rose and Crown - 47 Colombo Street SE1 [19:00]

Beers:- Courage Best and Directors

A short walk along Roupell in the direction of Blackfriars Rd, and a left turn, brings you to this large one bar pub. It can get crowded, so be prepared.

3. Doggets Coat and Badge - Kings Reach SE1 [19:45]

Beers:- usually Wadworths 6X, Boddingtons and Tetleys

I am sure most members will have seen or been to this pub, which stands on the river by Blackfriars Bridge. It has 4 bars, situated on different levels, and, for this visit, we will going to the downstairs bar. Tired members should be able to get a seat. There is a good view of the river. Lets hope its not raining.

4. Founders Arms - 52 Hopton St SE1 [20:30]

Beers:- Youngs Bitter, Special and Winter Warmer

Taking the walkway beneath Blackfriars Bridge you soon come to this old favourite. We've visited the large one bar pub on several occasions and have always found the beer well kept. Another good view of the river. Food is available.

5. Anchor - 1 Bankside SE1 [21:15]

Beers:- Courage Best and Directors

After the meal in pub no 4, members might appreciate the long walk to this pub which is situated hard by Southwark Bridge. The pub has a great deal of history to it and has 5 bars plus restaurants and snack bar. The food is a bit pricey, though. The pub is on the tourist map but we found no difficulty obtaining seats when we visited.

6. Cellar on the River - Clink St SE1 [22:00]

Beers:- Tetleys, Wethereds, Courage Best, Boddingtons, Tolly Original and Sam Whitbread Strong Ale

A newly refurbished pub in a rejuvenated part of the South Bank. There are two bars, one at ground level and the other in the basement. A spiral staircase links the two. there is also a restuarant area. This is guarded by waiters to stop drinkers pinching seats. A sailing ship moored by the pub will need to be circumvented before you can continue walking along the river to the last pub.

7. The Hornimans at Hays - Hays Lane SE1

Beers:- Adnams, Boddingtons, Burton and Tetleys

Another new pub. This one has just the one bar, but a large one. The pub is difficult to describe and not at all like the usual pubs you will find in the area. It has a trendy clientele. The pub is well worth a visit, if only for the grand view of HMS Belfast parked alongside. An interesting 'sculpture' can be admired in the square near the pub.

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