BARBARA WABY Memorial Trip

Date: Saturday 28th July 2001

It is almost ten years since Barbara died and this memorial trip recreates as far as changed transport, pubs and hours permit a very successful trip devised and realized by Barbara on 22nd July 1989, which turned out to be the hottest day that year. Like the original trip times and directions are given for those wishing to travel from London. Others will need to find their own route. As ever approximate leaving times are given in brackets after the name of each pub. Due to the predilection of local transport companies changing timetables without notice it would be as well to check times before traveling.


Suggested train, 11:40 from Fenchurch Street, 12:09 at West Horndon. West Horndon is a village that grew from a station. In the original Ordnance Survey map there is only a station. There is a theory that trains had to stop for water or fuel. There is an industrial estate that achieved some notoriety during the Wapping dispute. There is also a village which consists of not much more than a street but does contain an excellent pub.

1. Railway - 13 Station Road, West Horndon (13:45)

Beers :- Bass, Friary Meux, Tetley Bitter, Boddingtons

Comfortable one-bar pub with two entrances ("lounge" and "games room"), very handy for the station. Serves food from 09:00-14:30. Pool table and dartboard at the games room end (where else?) with additional seating. Occasional items of railway memorabilia arranged around the walls ceiling. Nice friendly staff. Good atmosphere.

Directly opposite the pub is the stop for the scarce and erratic bus No. 265 to Herongate Church at 13:55.

Herongate is a small pretty village with an attractive village sign and 3 excellent pubs one of which we cannot visit because it closes for the afternoon. A very typical Essex Village.

When you get off the bus cross the road and turn left down Billericay Road.

2. Boars Head Tavern - 15 Billericay Road, Herongate (15:30

Beers:- Courage Directors and Best.

Very attractive 1700s pub with low ceiling beams and a traditional dark wood interior. There is a duck pond outside (obviously) adding to the potentially idyllic country atmosphere, unfortunately there is a newish housing estate just opposite which presumably provides many of the dubious clientele who are stereo typical "Essex men and girls" - or "poncey gits" as they are otherwise known. We shall have to impose our own atmosphere on the place. Busy and somewhat cramped inside, but a number of picnic tables outdoors. Very expensive food served all day.

3. Green Man - 11 Cricketers Lane, Herongate

Beers:- Adnams Broadside and Bitter, Tetley Bitter + Guests (Titanic Rule Britannia and Hopback Crop Circle on the trial)

Excellent pub and fortunately stays open all day. It has one large main bar amalgamating the two former bars (public and saloon). There are also two smaller rooms without bar counters, entered via low doorways. Good range of beers, nice and comfort

able inside, light and airy with plenty of tables. Large collection of drinking vessels hanging from the timber beams.

Take the half hourly Bus No. 151 from the corner of Billericay Road at 17:17 to Basildon for 17:36. Turn left from the bus stand and walk through the bus station and market until you spy on your left :-

4. The Beehive - Fodderwick, Basildon (18:35)

Beers:- Bass, London Pride.

Formerly the Bullseye and then the Market Tavern. Much improved by its renovation to the now traditional wood and spindle style of decor!

Turn left from the entrance and head across the road at the traffic lights to the railway station about five minutes walk away for the train from Basildon at 18:47, Leigh on Sea 19:00.

At Leigh go straight ahead out of the side exit. Cross the road down some steps and along the (very narrow) High Street, past the Crooked Billet and the Peter Boat to :-

5. Olde Smack Inn- High Street, Leigh on Sea (20:00)

Beers:- Greene King IPA, Courage Best and Directors

Formerly the Smack Inn which was to be called Ye Olde Smugglers before the council refused planning permission. Now refurbished with some affinity to the wood and spindle school but retaining a riverside terrace, fine old brewery window and tiled gents toilet. Some of the characters at the bar don't seem to move much.

Straight ahead out of the pub and over the railway bridge to :-

6. The Ship - 1 New Road / Leigh Hill, Leigh on Sea (21:00)

Beers :- Greene King IPA and Adnams Broadside.

It's a shame to lose the local Ridley's brew from this pub which has recently changed hands following the landlady's devastating failure on The Weakest Link. The new owner apparently used to have the Peter Boat. Hopefully this was in the days before its deterioration. A one bar pub it has a semi circular bar counter serving the two bar areas. These are separated by steps through an archway.

Retrace your steps to :-

7. The Crooked Billet - 51 High Street, Leigh on Sea (22:00)

Beers:- Bass, Burton, Adnams Bitter, Tetley Bitter.

Popular (aren't all the pubs in Leigh on Sea?), but this is deservedly so. It used to extend back much further but the arrival of the railway line resulted in the truncation of the rear of the premises, as well as the creation of the aforementioned New Road. Still has two bars. The right hand one has limited seating , but the smaller left-hand one is furnished with more tables etc and hence more people can be crammed in. Obvious fishing associations (ropes, nets anglers etc adorning the walls), but doubtful if many of the customers are other than land-lubbers. There are two external drinking areas both belonging to the pub. The adjacent one on the same side of the road does not allow the consumption of sea food, whereas the

one overlooking the estuary is right by a sea food stall and has picnic tables (each with an old whisky bottle of vinegar, no not Burton!). Sea food is currently off due to toxins in the fish but may be permitted by the time of the trip.

Trains to Fenchurch Street are at ..:22 and ..:52 (fast) and ..:28 and ..:58 (slow)

The last train to Fenchurch Street is 23:22

Original Survey Team : Barbara Waby, Edmund Featherstone, Iris Hodgson, John Wright, Reg Wright.

Original Survey Date : 11th February 1989.

Survey Team : Kelvin Glensman, Vivienne Glensman, Ann Harper, Paul Tiffany, John Wright, Reg Wright.

Survey Date : 9th June 2001.