Hassrale Trips: Blackmore and Chelmsford

Date: Saturday 24th February 1990

This trip is a visit to another village in Essex and finishes in Chelmsford. Blackmore is an attractive village centered on a green with stocks and a pond. The church with its timber tower, Jericho Priory and several buildings are noteworthy. Chelmsford is the county town of Essex. An agricultural centre with cattle and produce markets. Few ancient buildings have survived a period of desecration in the sixties. The Shire Hall and Cathedral are exceptions. Marconi set up his first wireless station here and the town was the first to have electric lights. Gray's brewery was behind Debenhams.

The best train from London (Liverpool Street) is the 10.15am arriving at Chelmsford at 10.50am. the bus (No. 32) leaves Chelmsford Bus Station at 11.05am and arrives at Blackmore at 11.38am. The next bus is at 13.05pm. At the time of the trial a Pricebuster to Ongar was cheaper than an ordinary return to Blackmore.

The times in brackets are the approximate times of leaving each pub.

1. Prince Albert - Blackmore Road (12.30)

Beers: Bass, Charrington IPA

Olde style, half timbered establishment. Good choice of food but on the expensive side. Quite busy and very popular with the locals. Pews in the end bar area. Note the traditional Taiwanese stove. Clandestine dart board, hidden from the public gaze.

2. Bull - Church Street (13.15)

Beers: Tetleys, Burton Ale, Adnams Bitter

Two bar pub with a small but uncrowded public and a busy plusher lounge bar. The latter was quite busy and, as expected, full of diners. Definitely the best bet for food. Reasonably priced and a good range.

3. Leather Bottle - The Green (14.10)

Beer: Benskins Best Bitter

Pleasant traditional 2 bar pub. Copper topped tables and comfortable seating. Sandwiches, cockles, prawns and hot food available. Note the leather covered bottle in the windowsill.

The bus back to Chelmsford is at 14.15. Warning the next bus is at 16.15. The pubs in Blackmore close at 3pm and there is nothing to do in Blackmore once the pubs close.

4. Ship - 18 Broomfield Road (16.00)

Beers: Ridleys PA, Adnams Southwold

Two bar pub which is open all afternoon. Fairly busy. Public bar has a pool table, juke box and fruit machines. More room in the saloon bar and plenty of seats. Rolls available in the afternoon. Decked out in nautical fashion. Collection of oars above the bar and a divers head gear left on the bar.

5. La Duquesa - Duke Street (17.00)

Beers: Tetleys, Friary Meaux

Trendy one bar pub next to Dukes disco. Is full of young people and has a bouncer on the door in the evening. However is fairly quiet and very comfortable in the afternoon with friendly bar staff.

6. Red Lion - 147 New London Road (18.00)

Beer: Ridleys PA

A 'Benjamin' Inn. Plush lounge bar, pool table in public bar. Open all day.

7. Orange Tree - Lower Anchor Street (20.00)

Beers: Greene King IPA, Abbot

Two bar Grays town pub

8. Partners - 30 Lower Anchor Street (20.30)

Beers: Adnams Southwold Bitter, Old (Winter)

Friendly renovated and renamed street corner local (formerly the Queens Head).

9. Bird In Hand - New Writtle Street (21.00)

Beer: Ridley PA

Large pub near football and cricket grounds

Carry on down New Writtle Street from pub No. 9, turn right down Seymour St. and on the right is path through the park which is the quickest way back to the station. For those going back by train who have time before their train I suggest the following pub which is opposite the station and is the only town centre pub which can be recommended in the evening!

10. Railway Tavern - Duke Street

Beers: Greene King IPA, Abbot

Small Grays town pub by the station.

The last train back to Liverpool Street Station is at 22.57

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