Hassrale Trips: Bow

Date: Friday 27th April 1990

This trip covers parts of Tower Hamlets that were not included in the actual Tower Hamlets trips. An attempt by the Bishop of Stepney to convert a part of Bow parish into a preserve for game in 1292 was halted by the Lord Mayor's Court as the citizens of London had the right of fishing and hunting there. Old Ford was the name given to the place where the river Lea could be most easily crossed. Queen Matilda the wife of Henry I, found difficulty in crossing and ordered a bridge and causeway to be built at her own expense, the first Bow Bridge.

The nearest station is Bow underground which is on the District Line. Times in brackets are the approximate times of leaving each pub.

Come out of the station, turn right, cross the road and on the left is tne first pub:

1. LITTLE DRIVER - 125 Bow Road (18.30)
Beer: Charrington IPA

Also the first pub on the Bromley by Bow trip but well worth a second visit. Food is always available.

Turn left out of the pub, then left along Fairfield Koad and opposite Bow Bus Garage is:

2. BROMLEY ARMS - 51 Fairfield Road (19.15)
Beer: Shepherd Neame

Small one bar pub with a parrot and nice stained glass door. Rolls available.

Turn left out of the pub, cross the road and on the right is:

3. CALEDONIAN ARMS - 62 Fairfield Road (20.00)
Beer: Shepherd Neame

No real ale available on the trial - was supposes to be temporary because it was 'settling down'. A menagerie of a 3 legged cat and a mynah bird available for animal lovers. Even when empty not much room to sit.

Turn rignt out of tue pub, then left into Tredegar Road, tnen right into Lichfield Road and on the rignt is:

4. LORD TREDEGAR 50 Lichfield Road (20.45)
Beers: Burton, Tetleys, Youngs Special

This pub came after a fruitless search for real ale and a very wet and long walk along Tredegar Road. One member of the team enthusiastically noted real ale, real fire, real people and real seats! A pleasant welcoming pub.

Turn left out of tne pub, right into Coborn Road and on the right is:

5. PLAYWRIGHTS - 43 Morgan Street (21.30)
Beers: Websters Yorkshire, Ruddles County, Ruddles Best

Refurbished, large, comfortable and empty pub. Rather 'arty' clientele.

Just across the road is:

6. COBURN ARMS - 8 Coborn Road (22.15)
Beers: Youngs Bitter, Youngs Special, Winter Warmer

Large one bar pub. Pleasant and comfortable. Former Lacon Brewery pub. Outside drinking area.

Turn left out of the pub, right into Bow Road and across tne road is Mile End station which is on the District and Central lines.

Survey Details:
Survey Team: Edmund Featherstone, Ann Harper, Debbie Kirkwood, Barbara Waby, John Wright, Reg Wright
Survey Date: Wednesday 28th February 1990.

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