Hassrale Trips - Broxbourne

Date: Friday 14th June 1991

This trip is one of the out of London Friday trips as the distance from London and the quality of the train service makes it possible.

I have no map of Broxbourne but the pubs in the main are reasonably easy to find. There are only four pubs in the village and all do real ale. Broxbourne itself is located by the river Lee but the bulk of the town [including what shops there are] lie on the main road running through. Broxbourne is part of the new River Lee leisure park and there are some excellent riverside and canal side walks.


Trains to Broxbourne are frequent and [in some cases] quite fast. The reason for this is that the station lies on a junction for trains to Hertford and Bishops Stortford and Cambridge. Trains leave Liverpool Street at 1640, 1642(slow), 1704(slow), 1720, 1732 and 1736(slow). The times of the trains vary but on average the journey takes 22 minutes on the fast and 27 minutes on the slow. If it is possible I would recommend the 1704 or the 1720.

Trains back leave at 1 minute past the hour (slow) and 4 minutes past (fast) and run up to 2304 which is in fact a slow train. There are other trains to London so it would be sensible to check at the station; it is a very confused service.

The Pubs

As I have stated there is no map with this trip so I will try and be careful with the directions. On leaving the station proceed up to the road and turn left [that is not across the railway] We pass the Kingfisher which is in fact the last pub on the trip. Continue up Station road until it joins the main road and we then turn left to see a little way down and on our right:-

1. Bull, High Road [1830]

Beers: McMullens Country, AK

Comments: Large modern but friendly one bar pub with video jukebox. Whilst it has a restaurant attached does not serve food in the evening. Opens at 5pm on weekdays. Beer was nice and it should be pretty empty when we call. Plenty of very comfortable seats.

On leaving this pub we just cross the road and proceed a little further down to find:-

2. Anne of Cleves, High Road [1930]

Beers: Charrington IPA, Bass, Greene King IPA

Comments: A disappointment as it was formerly a nice free house which specialised in Greene King and Rayments beers. Now tied to Charringtons but at least it has retained on the Greene King beers as a permanent guest. "L" shaped one bar pub with ceiling fans and various forms of furniture. Seems to be somewhat unsure what it wants to be but friendly and quiet when trialled. No food but it does do coffee. Bar Billiards and some very attractive mirrors and stained glass. In spite of some misgivings I still feel that this is the best pub on the mini-trip. Opens all day Friday and Saturday.

We now retrace our steps back to the station again passing the pub that will form the last one of the trip. We now do cross the railway by the road bridge and turn immediately right down alongside the railway. We should now arrive at the canal basin and lock to see on our left:-

3. Crown, Old Nazeing Road [2030]

Beers: Charringtons IPA and (hopefully) Bass

Comments: A real barn of a place which probably sells very little real ale so the beer may not be the best we have drunk. It maybe we arrived at a bad time to trial it and I hope that it is better on the night. Comfortable enough pub its aim to fame is that it does food until 9.30pm. It is also very well located next to Broxbourne Lido, the River Lee and the canal with a large outdoor area all within the confines of the Lee Valley Leisure area [famous for its bird watching areas].

We can now proceed back to the station to finish in:-

4. Kingfisher, Station Road [2130]

Beers: Tetleys Bitter plus one other from the Allied range [not on the trial]

Comments: Last but by no means least and certainly very handy for the station. Also very close to the river. Two bars, a very basic public bar with few seats and a dartboard, and a plusher lounge. Some good music on the juke box although it was a bit pricey. Altough range of beer was limited it was in good nick and the pub is certainly friendly. For those who arrive in the village early this one does stay open all day Friday.

That concludes all the pubs in the area. Whilst I hope that the third pub will do food I have to warn that there is very little else in the area where you can eat. In fact there is virtually no shopping area at all.

Bon Voyage.

This trip was trialled by Martin Williams, Chris Smart and Dave Saffery.

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