Hassrale Trips: Almost the Caledonian Road

Date: 22nd August 1990

This trip is based on the Caledonian Road, which for those of you uncertain as to its location, runs from Pentonville Road, close to Kings Cross Station, to Camden Road, near Holloway Prison. Rather a run-down area of London.

To reach the first pub, turn left out of Kings Cross Station, but not immediately up York Way. Caledonian Road is about 100 yards, and after turning left the pub is about the same distance.

1. Malt and Hops - 33 Caledonian Road {18:45}
Beers: Numerous, including Gibbs Mew (all sorts), Tetley Bitter, Wadworths 6X, Marston Pedigree, Felinfoel Double Dragon, I C Burton, a (house) bitter. [up to 12 in total]

Smallish free-house, frequented by student types, usually crowded, so consequently can be noisy. Its is long established, and has a good reputation for the beer it serves.

Turn left up the Caledonian Road, and keep on until the rise in the road. The next pub is just off on the right.

2. Thornhill Arms - 148 Caledonian Road {19:30}
Beers: Charrington IPA

Attractive looking pub from the outside; inside is one bar and a little plain. However friendly enough and very much a local's environment.

Continue up to the next junction, turn right and follow up the hill. At this stage you may be wondering why we are passing so many pubs. The reasons are many; W**tbread, no real ale, too noisy ... The one we want is on the left.

3. George IV - 60 Copenhagen Street {20:15}
Beers: Thwaites Bitter. Cider: Scrumpy Jack

Started as this breweries only pub in London, when they had plans to expand into the South, but these fell through, and it owned now by someone called... Brewers Ltd of Dulwich. Pleasant inside, with conservatory area; outside terrace, and plenty of seats. It was about to get noisy on the trial run on a Friday, because of a disco, but that won't worry us today.

Retrace your steps a little down to Hemingford Road, on the right, and proceed up to the next pub. It is quite a walk.

4. Hemingford Arms - 158 Hemingford Road {21:00}
Beers: Various: Wadworths 6X, Charrington IPA, Adnams Southwold (but they may change)

(Possibly) busy single-bar pub (Well it was on Friday). There is a (Beckstein) piano serving as a pot plant/lager glass holder. Beer always well kept.

5. Railway Tavern - 10 Roman Way {21:45}

Beers: Fullers S & T London Pride, ESB

Hardly a single piece of railway memorabilia! on the floor anyway! A nice quiet pub, which comment may have less significance as we are not doing the trip on a Friday. Friendly bar-staff. Dartboard in precarious position for gents coming from the toilets.

6. Balmoral Castle - 427 Caledonian Road {22:30}

Beers: Websters Yorkshire Bitter; Ruddle Best, County

Substantial pub, sparsely populated. Wooden tables in somewhat canteen like arrangement. Venetian style window coverings. Rather dark, but not dingy. Irish atmosphere.

Well, That's all Folks.

To return anywhere interesting, take either the Caledonian Road, Piccadilly Line tube (200 yds further on) or Caledonian Road and Barnsbury, North London Line (200 yds back) to North Woolwich or Richmond. Alternatively a number of buses run from here.

Survey Team: P.T, J.W, E.F. Dateline: Friday 22 June 1990

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