HASSRALE - Cambridge Trip Saturday 12th May 1990

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Once more it is time to put down your colouring books and gird your loins for a trip into the unknown, (having done the trial run last June it will be as unknown for me as for the rest of you!). The unwitting target for HASSRALE's attentions is to be the county town of Cambridge. This previously unspoilt haven for academics with its dreamy spires and dozey pedestrians forms an ideal location for this latest of our all day forays into England's verdant countryside (get on with it - Ed.).

Trains run from both Kings Cross and Liverpool Street with the duration of journey varying from 59 minutes to 1hr 28mins. I would recommend the 10.35 from Kings Cross arriving at 11.34.

Leave the station forecourt to the the right then take the next turning on the right i.e. Tennison Road. Continue on down for a while, negotiating the intersections and on the left is ...

1. The Salisbury Arms - Tenison Road [12.45]
Bateman's XXXB; Everard Tiger; Greene King IPA; Marstons
Pedigree; Nethergate Bitter; Morrells Varsity and Banks &
Taylor SOS.

Formerly a CAMRA investments pub. The range of beers may well vary, but should remain extensive. Previously 2 or 3 bars this is now a large single bar establishment with plenty of seating and tables. Empty on our visit, however we were reliably informed that normally riotous parties are held in the evenings with loos vandalised etc. Friendly staff (didn't mind being woken up). No food in evidence. Quiz and fruit machines. On leaving turn left then up the road. Turn right at the junction and cross over after about 250 yards where you will find ...

2. The White Swan - 109 Mill Road [13.45]
Greene King Abbot, IPA and XX (Dark Mild)

Slightly away from the centre, this is a very pleasant two bar pub which had been recently refurbished. Comfortable saloon bar, quieter than the public bar which had loud music (and loud clientele). Not at all busy when we called. Also sported a good collection of horse brasses for people with brass horses (more likely to be brass monkeys on our visit!). From here we turn left back along Mill Road and cross over the roundabout to Parkside. Continue along on the right, leaving Parkers Piece on the left (I shall refrain from comment). Take the right hand turn to Clarendon Street and on the left is ...

3. The Clarendon - Clarendon Street [14.45]
Greene King Abbot and IPA.

Back-street local, very popular especially at lunchtime. Has a small garden which will no doubt fill up early on (depending on the weather of course). Just one bar which should have a few seats available. Plentiful food comprising ordinary or crusty (according to one's disposition) sandwiches, salads or hot dishes. Out of here turn left then on the right is Orchard St. Down here is ...

4. The Elm Tree - Orchard Street [16.00]
Charles Wells Eagle; Adnams Broadside.

Supposedly odd-shaped bar according to the Good Beer Guide, but not visibly so to us as it merely seemed L-shaped! A single bar quiet pub with basic accomodation, certainly not busy on the survey visit. Boasts an extensive range of Malaysian, Thai, Singapore and Bangladeshi food which the landlord claimed was available throughout the day (except Sundays). By the same token the pub remains open 11am - 11pm. Out of the door then turn left to Eden Street. At the junction at the top turn right to Fitzroy Street and take the second right to Burleigh Street. On the left is ...

5. The Boat Race - Burleigh Street [17.00]
Greene King Abbot, Marstons Pedigree and Flowers Original.

Sorry Dave, can't remember if this is a Whitbread pub, but the options on finding somewhere open in the afternoon were limited. This is a large woody two-bar pub with a vestigial garden. Fairly busy with boisterous, young clientele and occasional interruptions from the juke-box which perhaps Hassrale could take over. Quieter (sic) in the "lounge" bar, but no carpet and bare brickwork. Not much atmosphere, but a bolt hole in an otherwise arid area. This could also be an opportunity for members to investigate the environs. From here turn back down the road then right into Fitzroy Street again. Then cross the road and take the 3rd on the left leading to ...

6. The Ancient Druids - Napier Street [18.30]
Charles Wells Eagle & Bombadier; Adnams Broadside; Druids
Special, Kite Bitter and Merlin Bitter (all home-brewed).

Another large single bar pub, it is on a quiet precinct with a few bench seats outside. An unusual pub with a mixture of old and new style architecture. Plenty of seating inside, a little reminiscent of an auditorium or lecture hall, also air-
conditioned. The brewhouse can be viewed through glass at one end of the bar. A reasonable menu of either hot or cold food available, but only 6-9 pm. Leave the pub and turn right up to the main road then left down to the roundabout. Take the road on the left and cross over to ...
7. St Radegund - King Street [19.15]
Marstons Pedigree & Owd Roger; Theakstons Old Peculier and
Nethergate Bitter (range may vary).

Seemed to be a pub where there had not been one for a while i.e recently re-opened. Reminiscent of a wine bar. Possibly only opens at 6pm, but only one set of doors are unlocked (the further set, so watch out), causing the bar staff to resort to scouring the streets for customers (of the drinking variety)! Reggae music somewhat prevalent, but that was last year. Leave on the right and continue down the street and on the opposite side is ...

8. The Champion of the Thames - 68 King Street [19.50]
Greene King IPA, XX (Mild) & possibly Abbot on gravity.

As the (1989) Good Beer Guide states, "a smashing pub with a local's feel" (for those that wish to be felt by locals). Certainly small, headroom about 6'3" maximum; hence the smashing (if you're my height), although the floor does slope, honestly! A few seats if you are lucky. Cosy woody-style pub. Note the etched windows with the rowing theme, also reputedly has "enormous sandwiches", but did not trip over any in the evening. We leave here, turning to the left continue down to the junction and turn left again to Hobson St. Proceed along to the traffic junction and left to St. Andrew St. Continue along on the left for a while and on the right hand side is ...

9. The Oak - 6 Lensfield Road [20.45]
Tolly Cobbold Bitter & Special.

Quiet one-bar pub that had been recently modernised. However still appeared traditional in style. Not at all busy and certainly should be a chance of a seat. Sported a juke-box, but no other gaming machines. From here carry on in the same direction across to Hills Road and after 1/4 mile on the right we come to ...

10. The Osbourne Arms - Hills Road [21.35]
Paines XXX Bitter.

This pub was due to undergo refurbishment in the 2 weeks following the survey visit, however it seems likely that the layout of the place will be maintained. On this basis it should still be a large single bar establishment with a garden area, albeit gravel rather than grass covered. Plenty of seats, a real fire (hopefully not needed), a pool table and 2 loud de-ionisers complete the line-up. Now cross over to Station Road for the station (what else!).

Well that also completes the day's exigencies. Return from this part of the world is not as rapid as the outbound journey. The two most likely trains are the 20.25 which arrives at Liverpool Street at 21.55 or the 21.45 which arrives at Kings Cross at 23.10. Note that the former will mean omitting pub number 10.
Survey details:

Date: Saturday 10th June 1989

Participants: John Wright, Edmund Featherstone & Paul Tiffany.

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