Tuesday 7th July 1992: Camden Town 3

Hassrale Logo As with a number of our recent trips this is a farewell trip - a last swan song for Martin Williams now heading for Leeds. At this rate there will be no members left in London. It's something over two years ago that we did this trip last, on the whole I have pleasant memories of strolling in the balmy night air but as it was early February I think there may be some fault with my memory. Some details may have changed since the last trip so this information will probably be wrong in parts though I think that Martin has checked that all the pubs still actually exist.

To get to the first pub take the left exit from Camden Town tube station then turn left along Kentish Town Rd. About 100 yards along on the left is :-

1. Devonshire Arms: 33 Kentish Town Rd. [18:30]
Courage Best, Directors

Large single bar pub though it looks as if it used to be three bars. Plenty of seating, but music may be intrusive. Pool table in one part of the bar but the other side is usually less crowded.

Turn left out of the pub and continue up Kentish Town Rd. to :-

2. Duck Inn: 65 Kentish Town Rd. [19:15]
Greene King IPA, Abbot, Marston's Pedigree

Rustic free-house (whatever that might mean?). Popular so it may be crowded. Helpful and friendly bar staff. Food should be available.

Turn right, down Hawaley Rd, following this almost until you reach the end. On the lefthand side is :-

3. Hawley Arms: 2 Castlehaven Rd. [20:00]
Brakspear's bitter, Flower's bitter, Greene King IPA

Long established free house, with friendly service. Food not available after 19:00. Numerous advertising memorabilia on the walls. Table football (?). Interesting 'balcony scene' with animated models.

Turn left out of Castlehaven Rd and into Chalk farm Rd and a few yards up the road on the left hand side :-

4. Man in the moon: 40 Chalk Farm Rd [20:45]
Wetherspoons normal beer range ?

This is a JJ Wetherspoons pub and is apparently in the same mode as the rest of them I suppose that it all a matter of opinion as to whether one likes this style. One good point is that most Wetherspoons pubs are fairly large so you can usually get a seat and they often have a cheap beer on..

Returning to Kentish Town Rd via Hawley Rd we cross over and take Royal College St diagonally off to the right.

5. Black Horse: 313 Royal College St [21:30]
Ruddles best, Websters Yorkshire bitter

One bar pub, dartboard, pool table and there doesn't seem to be much to say about this one.

Carry on along the street and the last pub is also on the right.

6. Old Eagle: 251 Royal College St [22:00]

Pleasant one bar pub with conservatory style area at the rear. According to the 1990 write-up the pictures on the walls have a Parisian style to them, this all sounds a little unlikely but by this time who cares.

Leaving this pub you are close to Camden Rd (BR) station which is on the North London line and so not much good for anything. However you are only about 5 minutes away from Camden Town tube station.

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