Hassrale Trips: Catford Dogs

Date: Wednesday 1st November 1989

HASSRALE goes to the dogs

Those of you with long memories will remember Hassrale visting Sandown Park for a day at the races, this is the downmarket version of that day for those of us with a more common taste. We will be visiting Catford Dogs and indulging in a few pints in the environs of Catford.

There are two relevant railway stations for the start, Catford and Catford Bridge. Trains from Waterloo East go at 19, 39 and 59 past the hour to Catford Bridge. I believe that trains from the Elephant and Castle station depart at 17.14, 17.37 and 17.59 for Catford, but I wouldn't swear to this.

1. Catford Ram - 9 Winslade Way [18:30]
Beers: Youngs bitter & Special.

This pub is in the Catford shopping precinct, it is a friendly split level pub. This is quite a popular pub with the locals so I would suggest an early start if you want a seat. I have seen rolls in here in the evening.

2. Copperfield - Catford Bridge [19:15]
Beers: Courage Best & Directors

Large Tudor style pub ? well I suppose thats one description, there are those that say that the beer is not as good as it once was but it is the most convenient venue for the dog track.

The first race is at 19:30 and the normal card contains 10 races, these take place about every 15 minutes which should mean that the last race is about 22:00. I would suspect that our attention might start to wander before the last race so we will be departing after race 6 to pick up a few more watering holes in Catford.

There are two sides to the track, the classier side is where the dogs are paraded, the cost of entrance is £3, the other side is £2. I will be going in the best side myself. There are bars and restaurants within the dog track but they only serve keg beer.

3. Plough & Harrow - 68 Rushey Green [21:45]
Beers: Charrington IPA

A small pub noted for refusing a drink to a Hassrale member to be (when he was 15). Apart from this it is said to be a friendly local with a horseshoe bar in need of refurbishment.

4. Rising Sun - 88 Rushey Green [22:30]
Beers: Charrington IPA, Bass

Large two bar pub with music at the back more likely to get a seat in here rather than in the previous pub.

The journey home can be made via Catford Bridge to London Bridge, Charing Cross or Catford to Blackfriars. The Catford Bridge train leaves at 25 and 55 minutes past the hour. The Catford trains are at 26 and 56 past the hour.

Original map used on trip

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