Hassrale Trips: Chairman's Party - Farnborough

Date: Saturday 14th October 1989

If you have recovered from the Decennary celebration and still fancy inflicting further punishment on yourself then below are details of the Wilson 'bash'.

The basic format is pub trip, party and pub trip, Times of trains from Waterloo are attached. I would recommend the 10.35 am which arrives at Farnborough at 11.19 am. The first pub, the Ham and Blackbird (such a common pub name!) is close to the station. Although it is a Berni Inn it does serve real ale and is a convenient meeting place. The lunchtime trip is:

1. Ham and Blackbird (12.00)
Beers: Yorkshire Bitter

Plush pub which has been under threat of demolition for some time but whose future now seems assured for the liine being. In days of yore it was the Rai1way Hotel.

2. The Queens Head. (12.45)
Beers: Courage Best and Directors.

Smart back street local with friendly bar staff.

3. The Tradesmans Arms. (13.15)
Beers: Yorkshire Bitter, Gales HSB

Busy pub with rather dark interior. Scene of the famous New Years Eve riot!

4. The Potters Arms. (13.50)
Beers: Charrington IPA

Rather rundown local where I had to ask the landlord to let me out last time I went in! A train-spotters paradise.

Now on to Hangover Gardens. Beer tends to be a bit dodgy and the food expensive. The landlord is a strange bloke but at least it is open all day!

Around 6.00pm we will move on for the evening session.

5. The Prince of Wales (7.30)
Beers: Tanglefoot, Badger, London Pride, Royal Oak, King and Barnes, Wethered and various guest beers.

Definitely the best pub in Farnborough and often visited by myself armed with a polypin. They normally sell around a dozen different real ales which are well kept if rather expensive. Bateman's XXX was a recent guest beer. I feel we should linger here a while and indulge ourselves. The pub itself is smart although rather small hence the need for an early start.

6. The Imperial (8.00)
Beers: Courage Best and Directors.

This traditional local is just round the corner from the Prince of Wales. Popular with thirsty travellers arriving at Farnborough North station.

7. The Ship (8.45)
Beers: Courage Best and Directors

Plush pub where seating may be at a premium.

8. The George (9.15)
Beers: Gales HSB, Yorkshire Bitter

Comfortable roadside pub.

From here it is a 5 minute walk back to the station. We may have time to make a return visit to the Ham and Blackbird or even take in the Tumbledown Dick. (No, I'm not making it up!).

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