Hassrale Trips:- Ealing Broadway

Date: Tuesday 13th February 1996

In years past this area has not been particularly interesting one for real ale. However, recently a number of new pubs have opened, often in formerly unlicenced premises, and the choice is now quite varied.

Ealing Broadway is on the District and Central Underground lines. You can also get there by British Rail from Paddington (approximately every 15 minutes, journey time 8 minutes)

On leavng the station turn left along the forecourt and the first pub is on the opposite side of the road. [Departure times are in brackets]

1. The Better Half [18:45]

Beers:- Adnams Broadside, Brakspears Bitter, Youngs Ramrod, Courage Directors, Broadway Bitter (origin unknown)

Fairly new pub - probably was a shop or restaurant. Rustic styling ith plenty of bric-a-brac and pictures on the walls. Wide range of furniture, many sizes and styles. Four separate drinking areas, each with a distinct wall decor.

Turn right out of the pub and the next pub is a few yards down on the station side of the road

2. Townhouse [19:15]

Beers:- Fullers London Pride, ESB, old Winters Ale

Formerly "Feathers" this was about Fullers final keg pub, and a rather depressing pub it was, but it was redesigned in the last year or so. Large pub dominated by 5 thick pillars which support the separate bar upstairs. Plenty of seats, pleasant atmosphere, though piped music can be intrusive.

On leaving the pub, cross over the main road to your left to see

3. The North Star [19:45]

Beers:- Tetleys Bitter, I C Burton, Marston's Pedigree, Youngs Bitter

Pleasant twon centre pub. Three separate drinking areas served by single bar. TV dominates central area, but there is plenty of seating elsewhere, and the whole is comfortably furnished.

Turn left from the pub, and turn left after about 200 yards, down High Street. The next pub is 200 yards on the right.

4. Photographer and Firkin [ 20:30]

Beers:- Lens Bitter, Photographer Ale, Mash Tun Mild, Dogbolter

Another new conversion, from a former department store. Fairly typical "Firkin" decor, in this case accent is on films produced at the nearby Ealing Studios, much relevant memorabilia, especially of the Titfield Thunderbolt. Plenty of seating. Stairs down to the toilets pass the in-house brewery, which is visible through the window.

Leave the pub and follow round to the right. Continue to the end of the street and the next pub is almost opposite

5. Fiddlers Three [21:15]

Beers:- Bass, Morland's Old Speckled Hen, Fullers London Pride

Large recently refurbished pub, though formerly a music store. Strong emphasis on food, though not at the expense of the beer. Rather more upmarket place than the other pubs on the trip. Etched glass mirrors and carpeted floor. Background music - fairly busy.

Turn left along the main road and turn left beyond the church. Last pub is just over the bridge

6. The Haven [22:00]

Beers:- Bass, Wadworths 6X, Adnams Bitter, Brakspears Bitter

Guess what? A recent conversion to a pub, though I don't know of its previous experience. Modern looking interior. Lots of seating. Popular especially with the young, on the trial day a pub quiz was in progress, but this is a different day, so may not be packed out.

To get back to the station, look straight ahead from the pub for a footpath beside the green. The walk back is bout 5 minutes.

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