Hassrale Trips:- Edgware Road

Date: Thursday 18th May 1995

This trip is actually part of a series intended to run around Marylebone and should have been Marylebone III but Edgware Rd is a more accurate description of this trip. We start at the pub which was the last pub on Marylebone II (nice chance to see it while sober!). From Edgware Rd tube station (either) go onto Edgware Rd and down (i.e. towards Marble Arch) till you reach the turning on your left for Crawford St, a short distance along here is the turning for Brendon St.

1. Wargrave Arms - 40 Brendon St [18:15]

Beers: Youngs Bitter, Special, Winter Warmer

Long narrow bar, opens out at the end into an area containing a few tables. Appears to do food in the evening. A touch of Art Deco in the lighting arrangements.

Down Brendon St and left at the bottom into Harrowby St and a short distance along.

2. Duke of York - 45 Harrowby St [19:00]

Beers:- SA, Bass, Worthington Best

Small cluttered bar, wide variety of sporting paraphenelia hanging from the ceiling, in fact the sporting theme is somewhat overwhelming. Toilets downstairs, tall people are not recommended to attempt these!

Back down Harrowby St to Edgware Rd, cross over and up to the turning on your right for Sussex Gardens, along here till the second turning on your left where we see:

3. Monkey Puzzle - 30 Southwick St [19:45]

Beers:- Smiles, Badger Best, Tanglefoot, Plucking Pheasant

Modern pub at the base of a block of flats, large open air drinking area at the front. Reasonably large interior, plenty of seats, fairly quiet. Food served in the evening.

Cross over Sussex Gardens and up Southwick St and on your right

4. Marquis of Clanricade - 36 Southwick St [20:30]

Beers:- Ruddles Best, Websters

Large, long pub, pool table, various games machines. Front part feels like a public bar, somewhat plusher towards the other end. In the toilets I was amused by the soap dispenser from Rentokil.

From Southwick St turn right onto Star Street then along till Sale Place crosses and turn left

5. The Royal Standard - 8 Sale Place [21:45]

Beers:- Tetleys, Marstons Pedigree, Taylor Walker

Largish pub, various mock items of weaponry scattered around. Heraldic imagery abounds.

Cross Sale Place and slightly up

The Royal Exchange - 26 Sale Place [22:15]

Beers:- Breakspears, Boddingtons

Bright, pleasant single bar pub. Lots of odd decorations, some racing themes.

Trial Date: Thursday 30th March 1995
Present: R.Bond, J.Wright, E.Featherstone

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