HASSRALE TRIPS : South of Marylebone
Wednesday : January 25th 1995

Hassrale Logo This trip follows on from the last Marylebone trip on Nov 1st 1994, this time we move south rather than west but still end up not far from Edgware Rd tube station.

1. Victoria & Albert, Marylebone Railway Station [18:15]
Bass, Tetleys, Worthington Best

This is a two bar station pub, seating outside (inside station). This is a cut above most station bars and well worth a visit though it does get crowded. The Bass was in excellent condition on our last two visits.

Crossing the Marylebone Rd (at the lights) we turn south down Enford St and a short way down on our left is

2. Thornbury Castle, 29a Enford St {WLBG 6-10} [18:45]
Wadworths 6X, Boddingtons

Small single bar pub, plenty of seating but it was completely empty on our entry (though a few people came in later on). Canned music, but fairly relaxing after the crowds in the last pub.

Keeping on down Enford St at the bottom on our right where it joins York St we find

3. Firkin & Farrier, 76 York St {WLBG 6-8} [19:15]
Shoe Ale, Farrier, Full Mash mild, guest beers

A typical firkin style pub, bare boards, lots of brewing memorabilia on the walls and ceiling, canned music, pinball machine. Very busy with what looked like a fairly trendy set of people, good sprinkling of tourists etc. This pub used to be called the Royal Oak before it had the firkin treatment.

Continuing south past St Mary's Church through Wyndham Place we come to Crawford St, turning left we get to

4. Turners Arms, 26 Crawford St {WLBG 6-11} [20:00]
Sheperd Neame master brew, Bishops Finger, Original Porter

Single bar pub. Seemed to still have its Xmas decorations left up from last year? This pub serves Thai food up to 21:00 (in fact we saw some people consuming same).

Coming out and turning right will take us to

5. Duke of Wellington, 94a Crawford St {WLBG 6-3} [20:30]

Small single bar pub with an almost overwhelming amount of paraphenalia dotted around. Note the glass display cases against the windows. Quite a bit of Wellingtonia and Napoleonic type material. There was a TV and Juke box going but they didn't seem to match, not very busy on our visit.

Continuing to the end of Crawford St the road bends noting the Church of the Holy Rosary we come into Crawford Place to arrive at

6. Windsor Castle, 29 Crawford Place {WLBG 6-14} [21:15]
Adnams bitter, Bass

What some might call a jewel of a pub if a little precious. Small two bar pub, lots of pictures of actors above the bar. Does a good range of food up to 22:00. There was a wonderful (to my nose) smell of garlic pervading the air. Real (gas) fire. Lots of china in cabinets dotted all around. According to a notice for a xmas draw they have a cricket club, is that likely?

Further down on our left we turn into Brendon St and reach our final pub

7. Wargrave Arms, 40 Brendon St {WLBG 6-13} [22:00]
Youngs Ordinary, Special

Single bar pub, fairly long, TV at one end and pool table at the other. Note the art deco lampshades. Plenty of seating. The TV was on but they seemed to be watching Teletext for the football results.

Edgware Rd area Trial Date: 9th November 1994
Present: P.Tiffany, R.Bond, E.Featherstone

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