Saturday 13th May 1989
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Following on from the success of the original Enfield trip, which
occupied our minds last July we thought that members might like to see some more of the area by incorporating nearby Gordon Hill into the itinerary. The more perspicacious of you will have gathered that being held on a Saturday, this is another of HASSRALE's legendary all-day extravaganzas although there is nothing to stop people attending for just part of the trip.
The intention is to start from Gordon Hill BR station then gently make our way down towards Enfield itself. With this in mind we take the train from Kings Cross (recommended time 10.50 arriving at 11.13, next train is at 11.20). On leaving the station walk up to Lavender Hill, then turn right down the hill heading towards the Hollybush. Don't go in just yet, it's the second venue! Turn right down Chase Side then 1st left to Laurel Lea Road and up to

1. The Wonder Batley Road [12.05]
McMullen AK Mild & Country

A very pleasant two bar pub. The public is a traditional linoleum floored local's bar (yes, filled with linoleum-floored locals!). The lounge is more plushly attired, but smaller than the public. Neither was particularly busy. Public bar facilities consisted of a real fire, dartboard and a piano. A sign outside proclaimed that food was available, but probably worth waiting for the next one. It is merely a case of retracing one's steps to ...

2. The Hollybush 200 Lancaster Road [12.50]
Whitbread Wethereds & Flowers IPA

This is a huge corner Victorian pub with a vast rectangular bar. A very comfortable hostelry with a veritable plethora (loads) of seats, and certainly not inundated with customers until later one suspects. Note the electric sundial by Railway Ron and also the emergency cigarettes behind glass on the wall. This pub is second on the itinerary because it does not serve food until 12 noon; a good range is available according to the menu. For the record Saturday opening hours are 11am - 4pm & 6.30 - 11pm. Leave the pub and trek down Chase Side (beginning to look familiar, eh?) to the sixth turning on the left. Just down on the right is ...

3. The Old Sergeant 29 Parsonage Lane [13.40]
Whitbread Wethereds Bitter

This is a fairly basic two bar pub, saloon and public, with pew-type seating in the latter and a limited number of seats in the former. Popular with the locals i.e. turf fanciers by the TV. Bar snacks available, also a dart board in the saloon bar and the ubiquitous real gas fire. On leaving turn left back to Chase Side and at the lights turn left again and on the left is ...

4. The Moon Under Water ? Chase Side [14.35]
Greene King Abbot, Marston's Pedigree, Wadworth's 6X, Gales HSB William Younger's Bitter!

A most impressive establishment; a former dairy apparently, but one would never know it. Almost defies description, but I'll try. It incorporates a gallery-style library and the high gabled ceiling is festooned with maritime memorabilia. The facade is of dark blue glass giving the impression of a wine bar (N.B. watch out for trapped fingers [mine!] between the 2 sets of entrance doors closely followed by the drop down to the bar area). Huge seating area amongst the rambling bars with tables, alcoves, stools etc. Note the etched glass screens too. There is a good selection of cooked food at lunchtime. Oh and yes that is a carriage/coach in the main bar. Out of the pub and turn left down towards Nunns Road and then veer right to ...

5. The Cricketers 18 Chase Side Place [15.20]
McMullen Country Bitter, Mild (but Keg dispense)

A big much refurbished 2 bar pub with a good lounge bar. Modern but comfortable with many seats inside due to its emphasis on food. Unfortunately they stop serving food at 2.30 and close at 3pm. N.B. Our leaving time allows for drinking up, but should people wish to look round the market, shops etc. the intention is to spend roughly a hour in each pub until number 9. Out of here and turn left then bear left to ...

6. The Crown and Horseshoes 15 Horseshoe Lane [16.20]
Wethereds Bitter

A large pub right by the (albeit at this point fairly narrow) river. Has a sizeable garden with tables and benches. Inside there are plenty of seats, many of which are in the conservatory area at the back. No food at the time of our visit (3.30pm), but at least it was open all afternoon. Now travel along Gentleman's Row admiring the houses (some with fire insurance plaques) to ...
7. The Stag Little Park Gardens [17.20]
Charrington IPA & Bass (also Grolsch)

This has improved since the original trip and no longer seems jaded (perhaps the survey team's perception was shifting by now). However this is a comfortable single bar pub by the bus station. Quite convivial and well populated by the local clientele. Pies and pasties available plus a dartboard (cold). Following along Church Street brings us to ...
8. The Kings Head Hotel Market Place [18.20]
Ind Coope Burton, Taylor Walker & Tetleys Bitter

This is a large pub dating from the turn of the century, open throughout the afternoon due to its proximity to the market (which shuts about 5pm). A well furnished single bar establishment, popular and fairly busy. On leaving turn left and further down on the opposite side is ... 9. The George 5 The Town [19.10]
Charrington Bass & IPA

A popular venue with two bars, the Elizabethan at the front and the Raleigh at the back. The Toby restaurant upstairs serves no real ale. The Raleigh bar is the recommended one, both can be busy on a Saturday night. Cross the road to ...

10. The Rummer 26 The Town [20.00]
Whitbread Flowers IPA & Original Bitter

A large old pub with a side carriage entrance. Seemed just as rum a pub as before. The front bar is quiet and quite acceptable although the seating is limited (plc - plastic lined cushions). The rear bar is noisy and frequented by the younger fraternity (everything is relative). For those that did the previous trip of Enfield, your patience has been rewarded; we are about to embark on new territory. Leave the pub, turn left then at the lights left up Silver Street to ...

11. The Jolly Butchers 168 Baker Street [20.50]
McMullen Country Bitter

A comfortable single bar pub. There are a number of seats, but beware the proximity of the "band". A pleasant establishment. Further up this same road on a corner is ...

12. The Enfield Stores 320 Baker Street [21.40]
Ruddles County and Best Bitter, Websters Yorkshire

Another large single bar pub (they were becoming rather merged together by now). There were and hopefully still are a copious number of seats. It appeared a popular establishment for the younger clientele. We're almost there! Emerge from this one and retrace our steps back along Baker Street and about half way towards the Jolly Butchers but on the other side of the road is
13. The Old Bell 223 Baker Street [22.30]
Whitbread Wethereds Bitter and Greene King Abbot!

Two bar pub with a comfortable saloon the preferred choice for sitting in or lying down perhaps. A friendly locals pub (again) according to the N. London beer guide. Let's hope they haven't all been into 12 other pubs beforehand or it could make the House of Lords look positively animated. Alternatively the "fine collection of antique firearms adorning the wall" might be put to the test.

Sad to say another short trip draws to a close. As you may have gathered the intention is to travel back from Enfield Town (22.50 arriving at 23.16) for those that favour a route via Liverpool Street, otherwise Enfield Chase (22.32 arriving 22.57or 23.02/ 23.28) takes one back to Kings Cross. Good luck!

John Wright
Survey details:
Date: Saturday 18th March
Attendees: Reg Wright, Campbell Robb, Edmund Featherstone and JW.
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