Hassrale Trips :- ESSEX Rd

Date: Wednesday 31st May 1995

Hassrale Logo We start from Essex Rd station which is on the line from Moorgate. There are very frequent trains during the commuter rush hours but the station closes about 21:00, note rather gloomy lift up to surface level. Crossing the Essex Road we find the first pub on the corner of New North Rd.

1. Disgraceland - 196 Essex Rd [18:15] {NLBG 2/15}
Fullers Pride

Single, large and airy bar. Appears to be something of a music venue, there is a small stage at the back of the bar. Lots of notices about food but there didn't seem to be any in the evening. Mainly a lager and bottled beer joint, there were a few interesting foreign bottled beers. This pub has changed its name rather frequently, in the last North London beer guide its name was the 'Jersey' formerly the 'Three Brewers'. This pub advertises live music on Fridays (a good night to avoid it).

Back over the Essex Road and second turning on our left should Canonbury St, up the slight hill to :-

2. Marquess Tavern - 32 Canonbury Street [19:15] {NLBG 2/18}
Youngs bitter, special, victory, winter warmer

Large comfortable pub, you approach up a small incline and socially seems to be higher than the last pub. Lots of seats and not too crowded on our visit. Prominent food bar looked like it was operational in the evening. Number of seats outside if the weather is fine. There seems to be a large lounge with lots of seating at the back of the pub. 1850's exterior overlooks the New River Walk. No music. Fair amount of cricket memorabilia on the walls.

Back down to the Essex Rd and walk back past pub 1 and after a few minutes we see on our right:-

3. Thatched House - 119 Essex Rd [20:00]
Dorchester bitter, Tetleys

Large one-bar pub with an ocean-liner style bar, might have been recently refurbished. Fairly devoid of customers. Both TV and radio were going to keep the bar staff from feeling lonely. Beer not in prime condition.

Continue on down the Essex Rd and again on our right:-

4. Kings Head - 59 Essex Rd [20:45] {NLBG 3/32}
Scarlet Lady, Pompey Royal, Boddingtons, Fuggles Imperial, London Pride

Pleasant single bar pub, lots of wood. Raised seating area at front. Background music but not too intrusive. Beer in good condition. A typical Whitbread jumble of junk scattered about the bar. Like most of the pubs we went in not too busy.

Cross over the Essex Rd and walk up to the junction with Upper St, turn down Camden Passage where all the antique shops are to find :-

5. Camden Head - Camden Walk [21:30] {NLBG 3/5}
Theakstons best, XB

Single island bar, nicely appointed, plenty of etched glass. Quite a pleasant pub, not too full but a fair number of youngish professional looking people. The lighting looks like it once may have been gas.

Keep on down Camden Passage till it runs into Islington High St

6. The York - 82 Islington High St [22:15] {NLBG 3/63}
Burton, Tetleys

Large and fairly busy pub, background music. Standard Taylor Walker decor, but not too garish. A reasonable staging post for the Angel tube station which is almost visible from the front door of the pub.

TRial Date: 19th April 1995
Present: J Wright, E Featherstone

NLBG Map 2 1Map 2 - NLBG

NLBG Map 3 2Map 3 NLBG

Notes: times in square brackets are times of leaving pubs, the maps are taken from the North London beer guide (NLBG)

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