EUSTON TOWER TRIP - Thursday 10th February 1994

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Hopefully this should prove a reasonably compact trip based as it is around one of London's largest landmarks hence, barring thick fog there should be no fear of losing one's bearings (at least of the geographical variety). The nearest Underground stations are Warren Street, situated on the Northern and Victoria lines and Euston Square, which is on the Metroplitan and Circle lines. The first port of call is tucked away behind Euston Tower and most readily accessible by walking up Hampstead Road to the junction with Drummond Street and turning left. A little way down on the left at the junction with Triton Square is ...

1. The Goat in Boots - Drummond St [18.30]
Young's Ordinary; Tetley Bitter.

Modern one-bar with evidence of lager drinkers apparently! However a convenient place to meet up. Sports a pool table, quiz and pinball machines, but for the more traditional bar sportsperson there is a bar billiards table (mind you at £1 a game it's twice the cost of the one in pub number 4). Young's bitter £1.25 per pint. On emerging from here cross over Drummond Street and walk up the road opposite a short way to find on the right ...

2. The Lord Nelson - Stanhope Street [19.15]
Young's Ordinary & Special; Tetley Bitter.

Long narrow single bar pub, TV at the far end, but did not prove a great distraction. Sometime venue for HASSRALE committee meetings, but the blood seems to have been mopped up now. Sandwiches still available in the evening. Young's Bitter @ £1.50 per pint. Return to the junction with Drummond Street then turn right and follow the road down into Longford Street. At the end on right-hand corner is ...

3. The Queen's Head & Artichoke - Longford Street [20.00]
Courage Best; Wadworths 6X.

Large single bar pub which used to be two bars. It has been extensively refurbished since I last visited it (probably back in 1984!) so those who remember it of old are in for a pleasant surprise. Real gas fire. Food served in the evening, with the average price of set meals around £3. The Courage Best which was referred to as "CBB" was £1 when we trialled it. Now retrace your steps back along Longford and Drummond Streets to Hampstead Road, cross over and walk down to the right past the small parade of shops. Just after the newsagent's is a pedestrian cut-through and on the right is the entrance to ...

4. The Square Tavern - Tolmer's Square [20.45]
Young's Ordinary & Special; Flowers Original.

Large pub looking out onto a square! Formerly known as the Tom Tiddlers, hence presumably the change of name. Full of people in suits. Young's Winter Warmer on for those who don't posess a coat as well. Has a pin-ball machine and is the second establishment to have a bar-billiards table, but a bargain at 50 pence (oh, apparently that is per game not for the table). Beer somewhat more expensive than the preceding establishments (and indeed than the average Young's house) however an acceptable local shrine for us occupants of Euston Tower therefore obligatory for the trip.

By the way it is likely by now that the all-pervasive aroma of curry will have assailed your nostrils and it is unlikely to have escaped the average HASSRALIAN's keen (but possibly double) vision that the area is inundated with Indian restaurants. Please feel free to partake of such esurient desires as may take you on the occasion. The trip is compact enough to enable you to catch up at any stage (apart from after closing time perhaps!).
From the pub cut across the square and take the exit to the right of the hairdresser's onto Drummond Street. Turn right and on the next corner is ...

5. Crown & Anchor - Drummond St [21.30]
Fullers Pride; Bass Bitter; Harveys Best Bitter (guest beer).

Modern-looking pub with TV and pinball machine, not necessarily connected however. Basket meals 5:30 to 10 pm, chicken & chips £2.75 for example. (This extract from Edmund's notes probably indicates his hankering for non-pourable substances by this stage in the proceedings). On leaving continue down to Coburg St. turn left and at the top is ...

6. The Exmouth Arms - Starcross Street [21.15 or whenever]
Courage Directors and Best Bitter.

Comfortable hostelry tucked out of the way. Has a ruling about not putting explosive packages on the seats, so don't sit down unless it's absolutely unavoidable. Joking aside, there are plenty of bomb emplacements and the place seemed quite friendly.

You will now find yourself/ves fairly close to Euston mainline/tube and Euston Square or Warren Street tube stations, so happy flying!

Survey details: Trial run Monday 1st November 1993; participants - John Wright & Edmund Featherstone.

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