Hassrale Trips:- Euston Tower

Date: Friday 19th January 1990

Continuing our series of trips around London HQ buildings we visit the area dominated by Euston Tower and the Post Office Tower. Although the area was drastically redeveloped in the sixties some of the original charm (!) can be discovered without too much trouble. Times of leaving are in []. Great Portland St tube is the nearest to the first pub although Regents Park and Warren St are also within walking distance. We will start in the unusually named:-

1. Queens Head and Artichoke - 30 Albany Street [18:30]

Beers:- Courage Best and Directors.

One bar cosy local with the prospect of seats! Good cheap rolls available

Turn right out of pub and continue up Albany Street on the opposite side you will find:

2. Prince George of Cumberland - 195 Albany Street [19:15]

Beers:- Youngs and Abbot

Visited this one on the Camden Town trip but well worth a revisit. Forms part of the Crown Estate backing onto Regents Park. Spot the disco!

Retrace your steps back down Albany Street and turn left into Longford Street and then right into Diana Place which resembles a building site and is at the back of LWT HQ. Down on the right is:

3. The Cock - 2 Diana Place [20:00]

Beers:- Charrington IPA, Bass

A comfortable if somewhat uninspiring modern pub.

Back to Longford Street, turn right, then left into Stanhope Street on the left you will come across:

4. Lord Nelson - 48 Stanhope Street [20:30]

Beers:- Charrington IPA, Bass

Long narrow pub with the atmosphere of a true local. Old HASSRALE haunt.

Back from whence you came, down Stanhope Street, and turn left into Drummond Street. On the right you cannot miss:

5. Goat in Boots - 201 Drummond Street [21:00]

Beers:- Taylor Walker, Burton

Well there can't be too many pubs with this name.Any suggestions as to its origins? Modern pub under office block created out of the redevelopment of Euston.

Go, further down Drummond Street, cross over Hampstead Road and then turn left then right into Starcross Street. Down on the left will be:

6. Exmouth Arms - 1 Starcross Street [21:45]

Beers:- Courage Best and Directors

Busy back street local. Well worth a visit to see that the planners didn't completely ruin the area.

On leaving the pub go down Coburg Street and at the end on the left will be:

7. Jolly Gardeners - Coburg Street [22:15]

Beers:- Yorkshire and Ruddles County

Unpretentious pub in the heart of Euston

For those in need of sustenance after the rigours of the evening there are Indian cafes and restaurants round the corner in Drummond Street which offer good quality food at reasonable prices. Most of them tend to be vegetarian. More eating places can be found near Warren St tube which is nearby. Euston station and Euston Square tube are a couple of minutes walk away.

Trial Run Details: Present - Geoff Wilson, Reg Wright, Paul Tiffany, Ann Harper. Date - 10th November 1989

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