Hassrale Trips: Exmouth Market

Date: Wednesday 21st October 1998



1. The Eagle - 159 Farringdon Road EC11 [18:30]

Beers: Wadworths 6X, Flowers Original, Boddingtons Bitter

Fairly spacious one-bar pub with white walls and green ceiling. All wood (apart from some of the occupants), looks like a bistro, clear windows add to this view! Loads of tables and a superfluity of chairs. Also a couple of tables outside (it might be warm and dry). Filled up rapidly after 5:30 and food much in evidence, more by aroma than by sight, but it was still early. Background music echoing around, a hubbub of noise anyway and beware the large number of Royal Mail vans hurling past outside (they take no prisoners!).

Exit left up the road to the five way junction and cross to the East to find opposite..

2. The Penny Black -106 Farringdon Road [19:15]

Beers: Courage Best

Somewhat limited beer range, but this does mean that it should not be at all busy. Other clientele comprised Post Office staff from the nearby Mount Pleasant sorting office. Still a two-bar street corner pub. The ELAC guide stated a price differential between the bars but we didn't check this one. The lounge bar overlooks the busy junction with Farringdon Rd., Rosebery Avenue &Exmouth Market, while the public bar has a pool table, dartboard and lino to catch the fallen arrers.

Turn right still travelling East along Exmouth market a short walk to the left is ..

3. The Exmouth Arms - 23 Exmouth Market [20:00]

Beers: Ushers Best

Don't dismiss the beer, how often would you find Ushers in London (they also brew Gibbs Mew Bishops Tipple) Large two-bar establishment, again on a street corner, but this time overlooking a Japanese canteen. Both bars are comfortably furnished with upholstered bench seating round the periphery. The bars are interlinked by a narrow (and low) archway. Another quiet pub although there is a satellite linked TV. Very pleasant actually but shame about the limited beer range (but follow us to the next pub). Note the big collection of posters from films, theatre and pop artists, including a Golden disc. Quiz night on Fridays.

Exit left down the road. Ignore the pub at the end to the right, you may encounter this later! Instead turn left crossing the road to the traffic junction. Directly opposite is the next port of call ..

4. O'Hanlons - 8 Tysoe Street [21:00]

Beers: Red Beer (4.5%), Rye Beer (4.3%), Dry Stout (4.2%), Maltster's Weiss (4.0%) + Number One (don't ask!)

Formerly the Three Crowns, this is now very much a CAMRA orientated pub with all its own beer brewed on the premises. Much of this is cask-conditioned which presumably is the object of the excercise. Good atmosphere with the usual bare board floor, pews and candle-lit tables (however real lighting does predominate). There is also gentle background music and yes, it is Irish. It should also be pointed out that food is very important here and we were lucky to get a table to sit at as the pub was quite busy.

Retrace your steps back across Rosebery Avenue towards the pub we didn't visit on the way ..

5. The London Spa - 70 Exmouth Market [21:45]

Beers: Youngs Special, Bitter and (hopefully) Winter Warmer

Street corner boozer (well, you would have expected this by now). Impressive exterior which is matched by the interior. This comprises one large U-shaped bar with the non-window side supposedly dedicated to food. Although it is organized into cafe style banquettes one would suspect that the layout was prepared for the following lunchtime. Large screen TV for the inevitable sports event. N.B If you wish to take photographs ensure that you have a waterproof camera!

Well that's all folks. If you now leave to your left along Exmouth Market you will encounter the junction with Farringdon Rd. Down to the left again (via Farringdon Lane & Turnmill St.) is Farringdon tube station, otherwise choose an appropriate bus.

Trial Details: Wednesday 21st October 1998

Present: Edmund & James Featherstone, Mark Chambers and John Wright

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