Hassrale Trips: Farringdon to Kings Cross

Date: Wednesday 30th April 2003

This trip was originally just intended to be around Farringdon station but once we got started we were drawn towards Kings Cross station (mainly because we couldn't find any pubs worth drinking in). Anyway it proved to be a nice walk for all concerned. To reach the first pub exit Farringdon Road tube station and turn right down Cowcross St till you reach Farringdon Road, cross at the lights and on the corner of Greville St and Farringdon Road we find our first pub.
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1. Sir John Oldcastle - 29-35 Farringdon Road London EC1 [18:30]
Beers: Hook Norton Double Stout, Tetley Imperial, Fullers London Pride, Courage Directors

We have been in this pub plenty of times before but its a nice large pub in which to start and it usually has a good range of beer. The list above was just what was on the night we visited and is almost certain to be different on the trip. There is a large bar area in a L shape, the far end being non-smoking and laid out for food. This can get quite busy but we usually manage to find a seat.

Leaving this pub exit onto Greville St nd turn right walking up the hill till we get to the turning for Saffron Hill, turn right here and walk a short way up till we get to our next venue.

2. One Tun - 125 Saffron Hill EC1 [19:15]
Beers: Adnams Broadside, Bitter, Greene King IPA, Courage Best

This doesn't seem to have changed much over the years. Its a bit dowdier than the last pub but feels more like a traditional pub. It was quite busy on our visit, there were plenty of banquette style seating but we managed to miss sitting in any of it. So we stood at the bar and watched someone eat his dinner! I thought that the female bar staff had co-ordinated hair colour but others thought that this was nonsense. There was a nice Watney Mann masthead above the bar.

There now entails a bit of a walk while we find the next pub. Leaving we continue on up Saffron Hill till we get too Clerkenwell Road. Cross over this fairly busy road and turn left and head west till we find the fairly garish red front of our next point of call

3. Duke of York - 156 Clerkenwell Road EC1 [20:00]
Beers: Charles Wells Bombardier

This is now more of a wine bar/Thai restaurant than pub but it still had 1 real ale so it counts for our purposes. The front bar was quite full but we managed to get a table, most of these were illuminated by candles. There was much evidence of wine drinking and eating but the atmosphere was OK. I think that there may have been a pool table in the back bar but perhaps I imagined this.

Leaving here we keep going west along Clerkenwell Road till we get to the junction with Grays Inn Road, crossing over this we arrive at

4. Yorkshire Grey - 2-6 Theobalds Road WC1 [20:45]
Beers: Wadworths 6X, Shepherd Neame Spitfire, Courage Best, London Pride

This pub used to have its own brewery but now seems to have ceased this activity. It still has a reasonable range of beers and seems to be fairly popular. It has a variety of nooks and crannies with tables and chairs shoved in them. The toilets were upstairs but if anything else was I have forgotten it.

On leaving we head north up Grays Inn Road till we get to our next venue on our left

5. Blue Lion -133 Grays Inn Road WC1 [21:15]
Beers: Greene King IPA, Abbot

My memory is getting hazy by now but I suspect this of being a fairly large single bar pub which was a little quieter than the previous pub so we managed to get a seat which I needed by now. I seem to remember a pool table at the back of the pub plus a large screen TV, but luckily there was no football on that night.

Keep going north up Grays Inn road till we come to our final pub again on our left

6. Lucas Arms - 245A Grays Inn Road WC1 [22:00]
Beers: Greene King Abbot, IPA

This was a fairly small busy pub but quite friendly and a good venue to finish our trip. Not much chance of a seat though. I seem to remember the walls being quite cluttered with pictures and odd paraphernalia but maybe that was somewhere else.There were two parts to this pub a small front bar area and a slightly larger back area with more seats. From previous visits I can remember there being a small patio at the back with a drinking area, but it was too dark on our visit to investigate this

On leaving we now have a short walk up Grays Inn Road till we hit the Euston Road (or is it the Pentonville Road from where we can see Kings Cross station. Personally I would advise using the underpass to get to the tube station

Trial Run: Took place on 12th March 2003 and involved John Wright, James & Edmund Featherstone

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