Hassrale Trips: Friars House Area

Date: Wednesday 4th October 1989

This trip takes in the pubs in the Friars House area which might be encountered on a small lunchtime crawl. As this trip is taking place in the evening the atmosphere in most of the pubs is somewhat different to that at lunchtime.

1. Old Kings Head - 173 Blackfriars Rd [18:00]
Beers:- Charrington IPA

Large one bar pub right next door to Friars House, popular with some for leaving do's. Food at lunchtime but none sighted in the evening. Pool table at the back of the pub, possible venue for a Hassrale v Economists pool challenge. Bar open all afternoon for those that like to start early.

2. General Abercrombie - 94 Webber St [18:30]
Beers:- Courage Best, Directors

Round the corner of Friars House and down Webbcr St we come to this pub which has no real ale according to the SE London beer guide. I think that there was some when we trialled the pub. Two bar pub, reasonably smart saloon, blue covered seating. Juke box was claimed to have much Irish music.

3. Bell - 57 Webber St [19:15]
Beers:- Charrington Bass

In the evenings the strange flashing light outside can give the impression of a disco pub, this is an injustice. I find this a small pleasant pub with friendly bar staff. There were a small collection of animals on display, a white cockatoo was strutting round on top of its cage and a cat and dog were quarrelling behind the bar.

4. Flower of the Forest - 123 Blackfriars Rd [19:45]
Beers:- Courage Best, Directors

Two bar pub, a saloon and a lounge, choose the door on the left at this bar is somewhat plusher. Seems to be quite a difference between the clientele in both bars. Said to be quite a lively bar at times but was fairly quiet when it was trialled.

5. Ring - 72 Blackfriars Rd [20:30]
Beers:- Taylor Walker, Friary Meux, Inde Coope Burton

One bar pub on the corner of Blackfriars Rd and the Cut. A definite boxing theme in the air, has a boxing ring upstairs which I have seen from the top deck of a 63 bus going past. Not many seats in this pub but otherwise nicely furnished.

6. Anchor & Hope - 36 The Cut [21:15]
Beer- Charles Wells Eagle, Bombardier

Two bar pub, used to be quite popular for lunchtimes from Friars House but I haven't been in it myself for some time. Beer usually quite good, as is the food at lunchtime.

7. King's Arms - 25 Roupell St [22:00]
Beers:- Taylor Walker, Tetley, Inde Coope Burton

Small two bar pub, friendly and good beer. Had a very good write up in the SE London beer guide as a consequence of which a copy of the said guide is displayed on the bar.

Survey details:-
Date: 14th September 1989
Team: J.Wright, E.Featherstone, D.Saffery

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