Hassrale Trips : Fulham Broadway

Date: Thursday 18th May 2000

This trip was originally trialled in 1994 as an extension of our trips down the Kings Road however we never got round to issuing it as a trip. The committee has decided to explore the Wimbledon branch of the District Line this year so look to see several more trips in this part of the world. To start go to Fulham Broadway tube station. On leaving the station you should be able to see the first pub directly opposite. It should be pointed out that we started our trial run very early so comments on pub occupancy can't be trusted.

1. White Hart - 563 Fulham Road - [18:15]

Beers: Adnams Bitter, Bass

Long narrow pub just opposite the entrance to Fulham Broadway station. Something of a cafe look to the exterior with a striped awning and a front that can be folded away. Front bar quite small with wooden floor, note the waterfall picture (says James!). Back bar is longer and L shaped which leads out to a garden. They do food at lunchtime. Curious half timbered walls in the front bar with wood panelling in back bar. Large TV in back bar plus numerous games machines.

Coming out of the pub turn left and head west down Fulham Road till you come to the next pub

2. All Bar One - 587 Fulham Road [19:00]

Beers: Fullers London Pride, Bass

Large open bar in the usual All Bar One style note the track running over the bar which is supposed to carry food orders to the kitchen. Lots of wooden tables and a large polished wooden floor. Fairly empty on our visit. Large clear glass windows at front very unpub like. The chairs have a ecclesiastical theme (apparently they came from a church hall).

Continue on down Fulham Road which turns round a corner now, the next pub is on the other side of the road. However with all the traffic round here its not easy to say where best to cross over.

3. George - 506 Fulham Road [19:45]

Beers: Courage Best, Directors

Dimly lit pub with central bar, two main seating areas, one with a projection TV thankfully turned off. Walls covered in pictures, mirrors and all sorts of junk. There was definitely a fishy theme with a boat hung from the ceiling, nets, fishes in display cases etc. Almost empty.

We now have to retrace our steps past the first two pubs and head on down Fulham Broadway till you see the turning on your right for Waterford Road, our pub is on the corner of Moore Park Road.

4. Pickled Pelican - 22 Waterford Road [20:30]

Beers: Pedigree, Wadworths 6X, Boddingtons

Square single bar on a street corner. Fairly stylish with red columns, a polished ceiling, venetian blinds, large rubber plant, nice lighting over bar. Predominantly a younger set of clientele. Food a major element. Background music became louder as we downed our drinks but it wasn't too bad. Beer in good condition.

Keep on to the end of Waterford Road and turn left onto the Kings Road, crossing the road will take you to our next port of call.

5. Jim Thomsons Oriental bar and restaurant - 617 Kings Road [21:15]

Beers: Pedigree, Wadworths 6X

Large very busy and fairly noisy. This was a bar at the front and shaded into a Thai or Chinese restaurant towards the back. Overheated but there were some tables outside. There was a rich and eclectic collection of oriental style artefacts covering every inch of the place many with an attached price tag.

Keeping on along the Kings Road and re-crossing the road will take us to our final pub.

6. The Front Room - 562 Kings Road [22:00]

Beers: Adnams Bitter

Very modern looking bar with expensive drinks and quite loud background music. Wooden floor and a good scattering of stripped pine tables and chairs plus some comfortable leather settees and armchairs. They had cigar menu and you could see the humidor behind the bar.

Leaving here I would suggest heading back down the Kings Road then turning right at the first convenient side road. This will lead you back to Fulham Broadway where you will have a pleasant walk past the Chelsea FC ground to Fulham Broadway station (I'm assuming that its not a match night!)

Survey Details:

Date: Thursday 13th April 2000

Present: J Wright, J Featherstone, E Featherstone