Hassrale Trips - Godalming

Date: Saturday 3rd June 1989

Godalming is located in the Surrey countryside reasonably near to Guildford, grew and became prosperous as a wool town. Whilst the town is small it does have a good range of pubs and beer, all the pubs seem to do real ale. There seem to be a number of pubs that are open all afternoon but we will have to take our chances. The station is a little out of town and its decorations are sponsored by a well known subsiduary of a national brewery who also have offices in the town.

Travel: Semi-fast trains leave Waterloo at 20 minutes past the hour to Portsmouth stopping at Godalming at 4 minutes past the hour. I would propose catching the 10:20 and my times are based on that journey.

On leaving the station proceed towards the town and you will find on your left:-

1. Rose and Crown - Mill Lane [11:45]

Beers: Ruddles Best & County, Websters Yorkshire Bitter

A comfortable locals pub quite near the station. Does food at lunchtime. Two bars. Has its own football and cricket team and is very sports orientated. Plenty of room and comfortable.

On leaving continue towards the town centre and again on your left and on the corner of the High Street:-

2. Red Lion - Mill Lane [12:20]

Beers: Courage Directors & Best

A large two bar pub very near the town centre. Plenty of machines and a dart board in the public bar; lots of horse brasses in the lounge. Extensive range of meals and snacks at reasonable prices. One to remember for later as it should be open all day.

On leaving we do not continue towards the town centre but cross the road and turn right. On the way down this road we have to pass the Richmond Arms on the left and later the Anchor on the right. We will be returning to these later but it seemed a good idea to get to the furthest one out whilst still relatively sober. For those who find the walk too far a quick half in the Anchor can be got, but for those who can survive, continue until you see on your left:-

3. Inn on the Lake - Oxford Road [13:00]

Beers: Flowers Original, Wethereds

Must be seen to be believed. Plush hotel bar with extensive restaurant which may be in use for some wedding or banquet. Extensive garden leads to a large lake (hence the name) which is full of exotic water birds including a black swan. Despite the upmarket look a suprisingly pleasant and friendly bar with plenty of seats inside if the weather is bad. Well worth the walk.

On leaving this pub the triallists decided to move onto another recommended pub. After an almost one in one gradient it was found that the pub did not have much of a choice and what was there was somewhat poor. We thus decided to return the way we came stopping defintely this time at:-

4. Anchor - Oxford Road [13:50]

Beers: (at time of trial) Adnams bitter, Fullers London Pride, Wethereds, Tanglefoot, Eldridge Pope Royal Oak, Palmers Tally Ho. Most beers change pretty regularly.

Excellent one bar pub with a wide choice of beers hence the suggestion that some may wish to call twice. Food available at reasonable prices. Lots of breweriana adorn the walls and there is a large garden with swings (for the kids I think). The best pub on the trip so may be quite busy.

Still proceed back towards town and on the right again is:-

5. Richmond Arms - High Street [14:30]

Beers: Friary Meux bitter, Ind Coope Burton

Seemed a nice pub but was closed when we called. Closes at 14:30.

On leaving proceed down the High Street passing the Red Lion and on the left we find:-

6. Woolpack - High Street [15:20]

Beers: Websters Yorkshire, Ruddles Best, Gales HSB

Basic two bar pub with a reasonable juke box. Closes at 3pm.

Whatever has happened before we must assume that the pubs will be closed. We now have to look for any that are open all afternoon. it is likely that the Red Lion will be open but there is one other that was open during the trial. To get to it we must proceed further along the High Street to:-

7. Kings Arms and Royal - High Street

Beers: Friary Meux bitter, Burton, Gales HSB

Ancient coaching inn which although full of yuppie types should be open all afternoon. Was visited by Peter the Great in 1695 (wow). Also used as a training centre for Friary Meux. Will probably be quite busy but there should be seats.

This should clear the afternoon and the two pubs will last until pubs open again in the evening. There is one other pub which may be open at 17:00, Star, Church Street, beers Courage best and Directors. There are other pubs which may open in the evening or we could go to Guildford.

Triallists: Dave Saffery, Chris Smart

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