Hassrale Trips: Goodge St.

Date: Wednesday 3rd February 1999

This trip actually starts on Tottenham Court Road but we end up in Goodge Street so its called a Goodge St. trip to distinguish it from other trips in this area. You can start from either Warren St. station or Goodge St. station, from Warren St. turn right and from Goodge St. turn left then proceed down/up Tottenham Ct Rd. till you reach the corner of Maple Street where you should see

1. Flintlock and Firkin - 108A Tottenham Ct Rd. [18:30]

Beers: Best (ABV 3.8%), Flintlock (ABV 4.3%), Dogbolter (ABV 5.6%)

According to the WLBG this used to be Canons and before that the Roebuck, well now its a Firkin and not a bad example of the style, i.e. lots of wood and overuse of the Firkin motif. The beer was in reasonable condition though we all chose to drink the Flintlock. Food available at all times in the usual Firkin style. Long narrow bar with an elevated area at the back. There appeared to be an upper gallery but the only thing I can say about this was that the toilets were up there. There was a profusion of TVs including a projection TV so I would avoid this pub during major sporting events. Background music but not overloud. Seats outside and even people sitting on them which shows the mildness of this winter.

Leaving here keep going down Tottenham Ct Rd., i.e. south, till you reach the turning for Howland St., turn left down here and crossing the road on the corner with Whitfield Street you will find

2. Carpenters Arms - 68 Whitfield St. [19:15]

Beers: Bass

Comfortable, quiet two bar pub within sight of the Telecom Tower. The bar on Howland St. appears to be the saloon bar with carpeting and chairs with backs while the back bar was L-shaped, larger and had a TV and no carpets. The lighting in this pub seemed particularly dim but maybe that was just me. Nice wood panelling and a decor which looked liked it hadn't been updated for quite a time, and all the better for that (IMHO). They seemed to do a range of bottled Belgian beers (which is becoming quite common). There was a real gas fire (lit) in the saloon bar.

Now head south again down Whitfield St. till we meet Tottenham Street where we find on the corner our next pub. You will pass at this point an excellent fish and chip shop which is well worth a visit.

3. The Hope - 15 Tottenham St. [20:00]

Beers: Old Speckled Hen, Boddingtons plus guests

There were more taps on the bar but only two were on for our visit. They did a couple of guests on gravity but again only one was actually on. Unfortunately for us the guest beer Rebellion - Old Trout wasn't in wonderful condition but it wasn't actually bad enough to get it changed. This is a small pub and usually very busy so expect to stand. There were two TVs for our entertainment both showing Pool on our visit. There was stated to be a restaurant upstairs though I didn't check this. According to the chalk board this pub specialized in sausages from The Sausage Emporium. If you believed the etched glass windows this used to be a multi-bar pub (it must have been crowded).

Keep going south on Whitfield Street, passing a Cyber Cafe if you wanted a quick burst of internetting, till you come to Goodge St. Turn right here and cross over Goodge St. then walk west till you get to

4. Northumberland Arms - 43 Goodge St. [20:45]

Beers: Taylors Landlord, Marstons Pedigree, Old Speckled Hen, Adnams Bitter, Tetley

Old fashioned shop bell on the door announces your arrival to the bar staff (if you're lucky). Compact one bar pub with beer in good condition. This is part of the Nicholsons chain. The furnishings are quite dark and heavy though I liked the lampshades (I can't remember why). Not too busy on visit, I think that there was some background music but not too obtrusive. Beware the vertiginous descent to the gents, this must rate amongst the most precipitous in Central London.

Cross back over Goodge St. and a few steps further west will take you to

5. The One Tun - 60 Goodge St. [21:30]

Beers: Youngs Special, Ordinary, Winter Warmer (until the clocks go forward)

This used to be a Bass pub, so probably one of the Finch's chain now subsumed by Youngs. Still a large circular bar (as per the 1981 RBIL). Pleasant establishment with a dark woody interior. Apparently this pub used to be famous for Jazz sessions. Plenty of seating.

Back over Goodge street still keeping west till we get to our last pub

6. The Cambridge - 48 Newman St. [ 22:15]

Beers: Courage Directors, Theakstons Bitter

This pub was purportedly famous for its Victorian decor, my own impression was of a rich elaborate interior in a medley of styles (but I was probably drunk). Anyway this was a large single bar pub with plenty of seats and background music. According to WLBG this was popular with staff from the Middlesex hospital opposite, and for all I know this may still be true.

Leaving here you can retrace your steps back up Goodge Street till you get to Tottenham Court Road where you can turn left for Goodge Street station or right for Tottenham Court Rd. station.

Trial Details

Date: Wednesday 20th January 1999

Present: P.Thurlow, J.Wright, E & J Featherstone

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