Date:- Wednesday 4th July 1990

Hassrale Logo Hackney is an old and venerable borough, steeped in tradition. Its modern day impression of a inner city slum is a fairly recent incarnation in its long history. Hackney Manor was owned by the Knights Templar and afterwards by the Hospitallers but the last remains of their occupation were destroyed in the nineteenth century. Until Victorian times Hackney was popular with the wealthy but as London grew a less exalted type of housing spread across the area. The railways displaced many families which led to overcrowding. In the present century improved transport facilities have caused a population migration further out towards Tottenham and Walthamstow. In the northern sector of Hackney old terraces abound, Ridley Rd market presents a thriving sight. In the 1930's it was a focus of gang warfare but it has now been given new impetus by the local Asian and West Indian communities.

The nearest station is Hackney Downs which is served by frequent trains from Liverpool St. Trains are at 17:30 and 17:47 to Chingford, 17:34 and 17:51 to Enfield Town, 17:44 to Cheshunt and 17:42 to Broxbourne. Times in brackets are the approximate times of leaving each pub.

Turn right out of the station and at the corner of Amhurst Rd and Pembury Rd is :-

1. Pembury Tavern - 90 Amhurst Rd (18:00)
Beers:- Banks & Taylor SOD, SOS, Best bitter, Shefford bitter.

Formerly a Inde Coope pub but now owned by Banks & Taylor. A large pub with lots of tables and chairs somewhat reminiscent of a Bruces pub.

Turn left out of the pub, cross the road and on your right is :-

2. Earl Amhurst - 19 Amhurst Rd (18:45)
Beers:- Charrington IPA

No beer on the night of the trial 'awaiting barrel settling' otherwise a reasonable one bar pub. Fairly busy, possibilities of food. Darts and pool.

Turn right out of the pub, then right into Graham Rd, left into Navarino Rd, right into Richmond Rd then cross.

3. Duke of Marlborough - 212 Richmond Rd (19:30)
Beers :- Shepherd Neame Master Brew.

Airy single bar pub, recent acquisition from Watneys. Very green ! Plenty of tables (and nice chairs) and a large screen TV.

Turn left out of the pub, cross road, turn right into Greenwood Rd, left into Forest Rd and on your right is:-

4. Lady Diana - 95 Forest Rd (20:15)
Beers:- Fullers London Pride, Adnams bitter, Green King Abbot, Youngs bitter & special.

In the 1990 GBG. Pleasant lounge bar style. Good beer, capacious seating area (much underused apart from an occasional coach party!). Comfortable and pleasant. Tasteful flock wall paper too !. Formerly the Prince Arthur, photos of the area c1900. Attractive lettering above the bar. Good reasonably priced food, but service a bit slow.

Turn right out of the pub, then right into Queensbridge Rd, left into Dalston Lane, right into Kingsland Rd, right into Shacklewell Lane and on your right is:-

5. Robin Hood - 42 Shacklewell Lane (21:00)
Beers:- Charles Wells Bombardier, Batemans XXXB.

Obviously an Irish establishment (from the background music). Cocktail bar style lounge, TV in Friar Tuck's room. Defecatory facilities marked Little John's room and Maid Marion's powder room ? Beware the mirrors, especially on trying to leave. Possible floor show courtesy of somebody's shower just across the road. Food available.

Cross road, turn left into Downs Park Rd, right into Cecilia RD and on your right is :-

6. Norfolk Arms - 49 Cecilia Rd (21:45)
Beers:- Marston Pedigree, Green King IPA & Abbot Ale.

Cosy, woody single bar pub. Low beamed (false?) ceiling, festooned with vessels of leather and pewter ? Library displayed around the picture rail. Pool table, subdued ? music. Handy for Ridley Rd market. Darts, drinking area outside.

Left into Sandringham Rd and on the corner with Amhurst rd :-

7. Mitford Tavern - 133 Amhurst Rd (22:30)
Beers:- Burton Ale.

Sizeable two bar pub with a Smith and Garrett facade (whatever that may be ?). Public and saloon bar. Good juke box, plenty of seats. Bar staff expert on non-alcoholic cocktails. Darts and pool.

Cross road, down Wayland Avenue, cross Dalston lane and on your right should be Hackney Downs Stn. Trains to Liverpool St are every 15 minutes, last train 23:33. Alternatively you could go north towards Enfield Town and change onto the Victoria line at Seven Sisters.

Survey Team: Barbara Waby, Reg Wright, Ann Harper, Paul Tiffany, John Wright, Edmund Featherstone.
Survey Date:- Tuesday 15th May 1990.

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