Bond Street - Hassrale
Date: Tuesday September 12th 1995

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Take the east exit on the South side of Bond Street tube and you should see the first pub in front of you.
Leaving times in square brackets [....].

1.        Hog in Pound                                        [6:30]
Courage Directors, John Smith bitter, Theakston best bitter, Theakston XB

The pub is situated at the apex of two street and contains an upstairs bar and a downstairs eating area. The upstairs bar is small, but there is plenty of seating outside. Very much a tourist pub with pints of bitter being around the £2 mark.

On coming out turn left down Davies Street until you reach .....

2.        Running Horse        Davies Street                [7:00]
Courage Best, Courage Directors, Theakston Best Bitter

Pub dates from 1840 and is the nearest pub to Claridges Hotel. Interesting 1806 clock which came from the original Running Horse on this site, built in 1738.
Wood panelled bar with upstairs room. No food in the evening.

Carry on down Davies Street until you reach Brook Street where you turn left and continue until you reach Avery Row on the right. Walk down to the end and turn left. You will then see ......

3.        Grosvenor Arms        Grosvner Street                [7:45]
        Courage Directors, Wadworth 6X, John Smith Bitter

This was the most comfortable of the pubs because it had air conditioning which was a relief from the heat outside. Food served until 9pm.

Turn left out of the pub and then turn left when you reach New Bond Street. After reaching Brook Street turn right and walk until you find Hanover Square. As soon as you reach the square turn left and walk to the next left turn. Follow the road round until you see the next pub ....

4.        Duke of York                Derring Street                [8:30]
        Courage Best Bitter, Courage Directors, John Smith Bitter.

The spiral staircase is the only feature of note in this one.

Straight across the road is the next ....

5.        Hogshead                Derring Street                [9:15]
         Castle Eden, Pedigree, Brakspear bitter, Green Bullet.

Bare floored bar originally called the Bunch of Grapes.

Continue up Derring Street until you reach Oxford Street. Turn left and further along you will find Woodstock Street where the next pub can be found ....

6.        Woodstock                 Woodstock Street                [10:00]
        Theakston Best Bitter, Theakston Old Peculiar, Marston Pedigree.
        Guest's on 14/06/1995

Many foreign bottled beers as well as the above range. Named after the First Duke of Portland, a local landowner who was also Viscount Woodstock.

Go back up to Oxford Street and if you turn left Bond Street Tube can be seen. However if you turn right a little further down Oxford Street you can find Oxford Circus Tube.

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