9 JAN 1996
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From Green Park station tube go down Piccadilly heading towards Hyde Park Corner until you reach Clarges Street on your right. The first pub is a little way down ....

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1. Samuel Pepys                29 Clarges Street                {18:30}        (1-67)
Beers: Bass, Fullers London Pride.

Modern frontage, the pub is 1960's image, comprising comfortable seating in a one-bar area which extends round to the far end in an l-shape with a central spur off to the left. Finished in the usual "woody style" with illuminated coloured glass panels including the ceiling. A bar-billiards table and various items of Pepys memorabilia on display.

Continue up Clarges Street until you reach Clarges Mews. Turn left and then turn right when you reach Queen Street. When get to Charles Street turn right and walk until you reach the next ....

2. The Running Footman                5 Charles Street        {19:15}        (1-65)
Beers: Courage Directors and Best, Theakston Best, John Smith.

Uniquely named, first licensed in 1749 by the Third Marquis of Queenbury who employed a running footman who preceded his Lordship's coach to light the road ahead and pay tolls. There is a large painting of the footman on the ceiling. This is a small single bar pub decorated with all the usual junk. Noted gas lights outside, which were barely surviving the winds.

On coming out of the pub turn right up Hay's Mews and when you reach Hill Street you should see the next .....

3. The Coach & Horses                5 Hill Street                {20:00}        (1-54)
Beers: Bass, Fullers London Pride, Hancocks HB.

Another popular bar. One bar area with most seating by the counter or on stools. Yes, it does have a dartboard and there is evidence of its use i.e. punctured gas-pipes into the open-hearth fire. TV tuned to the Sports Channel. Try and sit at the end furthest from the door, it's quieter.

Turn left and walk along Hill Street until you reach Waverton Street. Turn left an a little way along you should find the next .....

4. The Red Lion                        1 Waverton Street        {20:45}        (1-63)
Beers: Courage Directors, Theakston Best & XB, John Smith, Charles Wells Eagle & Fargo.

Busy pub, full(very) of people in suits, in fact many in penguin suits. Pub food still being served but probably very expensive. There is a restaurant at the back of the pub. There were a number of separate drinking areas dotted around the central bar.

Go south through Shepherds Market until you reach Hertford Street and if you turn left you should see the next .....

5. The Shepherds Tavern                50 Hertford Street        {21:30}        (1-68)
Beers: Courage Directors & Best, John Smith, Theakston Best.

Used to boast a payphone situated in a sedan chair which formerly belonged to the Duke of Cumberland (the chair, not the payphone), but sadly no longer in evidence. The usual "traditional" wood environment, rather busy but it is on the tourist route. Has a plush restaurant upstairs called the Sedan.

Head east along Shepherds Street until you reach the next ...

6. Ye Grapes                        16 Shepherds Street                {22:15}        (1-56)
Beers: Boddingtons, Flowers Original, Marston Pedigree, Fullers London Pride, Brakspear Bitter, Morlands Old Speckled Hen.

Hot nut machine on the bar. Single bar with restaurant upstairs. Lots of stuffed birds in glass cases. Toilets downstairs.

Walk down White Horse Street until you reach Piccadilly and turn left. A little way down is Green Park Tube.

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