28 March 1996

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Need to work out the correct Entrance and exit from the Shepherds Bush roundabout.

1. Stewart Arms                         26 Norland Road                11.43        {18:45}
Beers: ; Courage Directors/Best, Websters Green Label.

Two front doors leading into two bars that are joined at the front by a small room. Central bar with three sides for serving. Down to earth pub which looked like it is Irish. Plenty of seating, Sattelite TV, piped music. The pub is now isolated in a pedestrianised backwater thanks to the M41 Motorway and its associated roundabout.

Turn right on leaving the pub and walk until you reach the top of Queensdale Road. The next pub is about 100 yards down...

2. The Star                                 46 Queensdale Road                11.42        {19:30}
Beers: ; Courage Best, Websters Yorkshire Bitter.

U shaped bar with a real fire on the left hand side. The pub has collections of teapots, stuffed animals and hats. The walls are lined with wooden curtain-fold panelling. Piped radio station.

Continue down Queensdale Road until you reach Princedale Road. Turn left and a little way down is the next....

3. The Academy                         57 Princedale Road                12.21        {20:15}
Beers: ; Courage Directors.

U shaped bar with an entrance on the front left corner. Bare wooden floor. It has got a collection of cameras over the bar. Formally known as the crown.

Retrace steps back to the next on Princedale Road...

4. The Prince of Wales                 14 Princedale Road                12.23        {21:00}
Beers: ; Fullers London Pride, Bass.

Popular pub with an island bar. Very active pub sports (darts and pool). Various pictures of various Princes of Wales.The pub was built in 1845.

Continue along Princedale Road until you reach Holland Park Avenue where you turn left and go passed the Castle which was shut and continue walking until you reach...

5. The Raj                                 Holland Park Avenue        12.24        {21:45}
Beers: ; John Smith Bitter.

Young persons pub with good music (eg Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Jam). A 1930 pub formally know as the Mitre

Turn right outside and Holland Park tube is a little way down.

(Trial team John Wright, Edmund Featherstone, James Featherstone 1 Feb 1996)

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