29 May 1996
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The nearest tube station is Tottenham Court Road from which you walk up Tottenham Court Road until you reach the first pub on the right hand side ...

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1. The Jack Horner -236 Tottenham Ct Rd                                {18:30}
Fullers Chiswick, London Pride, IPA (4.8%), ESB.
Recently opened premises, apparently on a site not previously used for (formal) drinking purposes. A Fullers "ale and pie" establishment, comfortably furnished, Victorian tiled floor. Plenty of seating and a good atmosphere. The food area is to the rear of the pub, but fear not, non-eaters can drink there too. A lavishly appointed excellent drinking emporium! Windows open onto the fume-laden traffic thoroughfare.

Head back in the direction of Tottenham Court Road tube station until you reach Great Russell Street on your left. Turn down and walk until you reach the next pub....

2. The Museum Tavern - 49 Gt. Russell St.                [WC1/72]        {19:15}
Beers: Courage Directors, Best; Brakspears; Wadworth 6X; Theakston OP, Best; & possibly Abbot .

Corner street pub built in the 1850's and comprising one long room. A food bar is at one end of the room and the drinks bar is along the back wall. There are interesting windows and mirrors throughout. The pub is opposite the British Museum.

On leaving the pub walk down Museum Street until you reach the next.....

3. The Plough - 27 Museum Street.                        [WC1/94]        {20:00}
Beers: Burton; Tetley Imperial (4.3%), Bitter; Marstons Pedigree; Eldridge Pope "Popes" .

Taylor Walker pub, originally two bars, now combined via a narrow open doorway. Larger bar area to the back, by the food bar (not sure if open in evening). Heavily decorated with paintings, prints, etchings etc. Tables outside for stalwarts who wish to view the taxis.

Continue down Museum Street until you reach Bloomsbury Way where you turn left and the next pub is a short way along....

4. The Falklands Arms - 31 Bloomsbury Way.                [WC1/40]        {20:45}
Beers: Courage Directors, Best; Theakstons Best, XB .

Large oblong room with a drinks bar facing the entrance and a food bar next to it.The food seemed to be available in the evening. There were plenty of seats free on the trial, but the juke box was a little loud. Formerly known as the Bull & Mouth.

Cross Bloomsbury Way and walk though to New Oxford Street where the next pub can be seen...

5. The Oarsmen - 2 New Oxford Street                        [WC1/78]        {21:30}
Beers: Theakstons XB & Best; Youngers 80/s.

One bar pub with wood paneled walls and bare floors. Plenty of room, but some people were not impressed with the 80/s and on a second visit it had not improved. Formerly known as the Oxford & Cambridge.

Turn left along New Oxford Street which will merge into High Holborn where the next pub can be found...

6. The Princess Louise - 208 High Holborn                [WC1/98]        {22:15}
Beers: Greene King Abbot, IPA; Young's Special; Flowers Spring Hops; (4.5%) ; Bass; Princess Louise Bitter.

Built in 1872 and named after the fourth daughter of Queen Victoria. A refurbishment in 1872 by Arthur Chitty, resulted in the glazed tiles, etched glasswork and mirrors, ornate columns and plasterwork. The gents has a preservation order on it. Very popular pub with the overflow standing on the pavement outside.

Turn right outside the Princess Louise and a little way down is Holborn tube station.
(Trial Team: John Wright,Edmund & James Featherstone 24 April 1996)

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