24 JAN 1996
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The nearest station is the Hammersmith & City line Shepherds Bush tube. Turn left on coming out of the station and walk until you reach the first pub. Alternatively if you go to the Central Line Shepherds Bush station you need to turn right and walk until you reach the first pub .....

Pub leaving time in {}. West London beer guide reference in () where applicable.

1. The Moon on the Green                1 Wood Lane                {18:30}
Beers: Theakston Best & XB, Courage Directors, Scotch Bitter, Green King IPA.

Smaller than usual L shaped Wetherspoon's pub on the corner of Wood Lane and Uxbridge Road. Food sold all day. Fine views of Shepherds Bush Green.

Come out of the pub via the Uxbridge Road and go straight ahead, anticlockwise round the Green. Walk until you reach the next pub next to the Shepherds Bush Empire Theatre ...

2. The Bush                        2 Goldhawk Road                {19:15}        (11-44)
Beer: Tetley Bitter, Bush Bitter.

An ornate Victorian style lounge bar which has been restored after a fire which devastated the upstairs Bush Theatre. The BBC Television Theatre (now the Shepherds Bush Empire) was the sight of marvellous shows like "Wogan" and "Crackerjack".

Turn down Goldhawk Road and cross the road and walk until you reach the next .....

3. Bushranger.                        55 Goldhawk Road        {20:00}        (11-45)
Beer: Wadworth 6X, Fullers London Pride, John Smith Bitter, Morlands Old Speckled Hen.

One of the early Chef & Brewer style conversions. Wood panelled with sawdust on the floor. Renamed in 1973 from the Railway Tavern, its present name is an amalgam of Shepherds "Bush" and Queens Park "Rangers". Food served and open until midnight Mon-Sat.

Cross Goldhawk Road and walk through Shepherds Bush Market which runs along side the Hammersmith Tube Line. When you reach the end turn left down Uxbridge Road and walk until you reach the next ....

4. The White Horse                31 Uxbridge Road                {20:30}         (11-51)
Beer: Worthington Best.

A once cavernous corner pub now reduced to an L-shaped following the conversion of most of the building into a Huckleberry's burger bar (now Blockbuster Video). What is left of the pub is busy and crowded with Sky Sport fanatics. The one beer available was only £1.10

Exit the pub and turn right down Uxbridge Road and you will get back to the first pub. Across the road is the next .....

5. The Beaumont Arms                170 Uxbridge Road        {21:15}
Beer: Bass.

Most notable feature is the large array of hand pumps all delivering Bass. U-shaped bar with wood panelling.

Turn left outside the pub and walk along the Uxbridge Road. You will pass the Central Line Shepherds Bush station and a little way passed at the roundabout the next pub can be found .....

6. The Mail Coach Inn                28 Uxbridge Road        {22:00}        (11-48)
Beer: Worthington Best.

Situated next to a busy roundabout. The outside appearance of this inter-war pub bears more than a passing resemblance to a 1930s redbrick Post Office. It is adjacent to one of the few surviving buildings which were once part of the pre-World War I "White City" exhibition site, according to the beer guide. Modern looking interior arranged on two levels.

Retrace your steps back to either the Central Line or further along the Uxbridge Road the Hammersmith & City Line Shepherds Bush Station.

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