Great Titchfield Street
24 July 1996
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Start from Great Portland St. tube station and just outside the station is the first pub...

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1. Green Man                                                [18:30]
Beers:        Theakston XB, Best, Old Peculiar, John Smith Bitter.

Loud Juke box. Food available. Irregular shaped multi level bar with nooks and crannies. Would appear to attract tourists, one couple were seen trying to photograph their meal, perhaps they couldn't believe what they were eating Looks out over Marylebone Road. Stuffed animals on the wall. Tourist prices e.g. Ham sandwich £2.50 XB £2.10.

Turn left outside the pub and walk until you reach Bolsover Street. Turn down and take the first left. A little way down is the next pub....

2. George & Dragon                151 Cleveland St.        [19:15]        {1-6}
Beers:        Greene King IPA, Abbot, Raymant.

Pleasant small single bar pub. Food seemed to be available. Felt like a local pub. Dart board. Wood paneled.

Turn left outside the pub and retrace your steps, for about 20 yards, until you reach Great Titchfield Street. Walk down until you reach New Cavendish Street were you can see the next pub on your left...

3. Ship                                New Cavendish St.        [20:00]        {3-23}
Beers:        Bass, Boddingtons Bitter.

Small single bar pub, quite an interesting place, strange paraphernalia hanging from the ceiling and walls. Signs pronounce this to have been a Wenlock pub once. Large ship's wheel attached to the wall.

Go back to Great Titchfield Street and carry on down until you reach the next pub...

4. Crown & Sceptre                86 Gt. Titchfield St.        [20:30]        {3-7}
Beers:        Fullers London Pride, Bass.

Busy one bar pub popular with the garment trade and office workers. Loud juke box. High ceiling with ornate curtains. Very large TV at the back of the pub...

Continue down Great Titchfield Street until you reach the next...

5. Kings Arms                        68 Gt. Titchfield St.        [21:15]        {3-16}
Beers:        Fullers London Pride, Adnams Bitter, Boddingtons Bitter.

Quiet long single room bar. Fine collection of Glenfiddich and Jameson boxes above the bar. Juke box was not playing - what a relief - Many plates adorning the walls. Rather nice old looking brass cash register (NCR) with pop up numbers. Pub dates from 1859.

Cross Great Titchfield Street and walk across to Great Portland Street where you turn left and walk down until you reach the next....

6. The George                        55 Gt. Portland St.        [22:00]        {3-10}
Beers:        Greene King IPA, Abbot, Raymant.

This pub has retained much of its original Edwardian glass and woodwork. Popular with BBC staff and is mentioned on Loose Ends nearly every week.

If you continue down Great Portland Street you will reach Oxford Street where you can turn right and a little way down is Oxford Circus tube station.

Trial Team:: Edmund & James Featherstone, Paul Tiffany John Wright

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