Hassrale Trips : WIGMORE STREET

Date : Monday 12th July 1993
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The best tube station to start from is Bond Street. After exiting from the station cross Oxford street and you should see James Street. Walk along this street until you reach the first pub ...

(Oxford Circus tube is also quite near, you just need to walk down Oxford Street towards Marble Arch until you reach James Street on the right) Leaving times in ( ).

1. Lamb & Flag         24 James Street.        {35}                (18:30)
Courage Best and Directors.

Cluttered with genuine bric-a-brac including some interesting Victorian and Edwardian prints.

Exit the pub and turn right and walk down James street until you reach Wigmore Street. Turn right and you should see the next .....

2. Pontefract Castle
         71 Wigmore Street        {39}                (19:15)
Check beer ??

Ground floor bar with spiral stairs leading to two upper drinking areas.

Cross over Wigmore Street to find the next public house ...

3. Cock and Lion        62 Wigmore Street        {27}                (19:45)
Adnams bitter, Ruddles Best and County.

Built in 1880 there was once a cockpit outside.

Turn left on leaving the pub and turn left when you reach Marylebone Lane. Walk until you reach the next....

4. Golden Eagle                59 Marylebone Lane.        {32}                (20:30)
Brakespear , Adnams, Bass, Boddingtons bitter..

Maybe a piano player in the evening if we are unlucky.

Outside the public house turn left down Hinde street and walk until you reach Manchester Sq. (you will have crossed Thayer street on the way. On reaching Manchester Sq take the first exit on the left (this will be Duke street). A little way down is the next pub ....

5. Devonshire Arms        7 Duke Street                {29}                (21:15)
Charrington IPA, Bass

Pleasant corner pub just off Manchester Sq.

On coming out of the pub turn left down Duke Street and walk down until you reach the next one ( you will have to cross Wigmore Street ...

6. Henry Holland        39 Duke Street.        {33}                (22:00)
Flowers IPA, Wethered bitter.

Lofty corner pub which is quite tastefully furnished.

Continue down Duke Street until you reach Oxford Street from which several tube station are available. Across the road is Bond Street , left is Oxford Street , right is Marble Arch.

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