Monday : January 9th 1995

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We last did a Hornsey trip way back in 1989 but as it was poorly attended it was thought worthwhile a re-run (though a much curtailed trip from the original!). Starting at Turnpike Lane tube station (Piccadilly line) use the exit which takes you West of the High Rd, you go a short distance down Turnpike Lane to find on your right.

1. Toll Gate, Turnpike Lane [18:15]
Youngers Scotch, Greene King Abbott, Theakstons XB, guest beers

A large (typical) Wetherspoons pub, lots of seating, no music, food served all day. A former car showroom was converted about 5 years ago (hence its lack of inclusion on our last visit to Hornsey). Large central bar, many pumps. One of the guest beer on our visit was Cains Stout which was very pleasant (though where I will ever see it again I don't know). Note the two lamp posts (operational) at the back of the pub.

Crossing Turnpike Lane and a short distance further on.

2. Rat & Carrot - Turnpike Lane [18:45]
Bass, Websters Green Label, Boddingtons

Changed very recently from The Wise Serpent (and doubtless from another equally meaningless name before that). A fairly long narrow bar, there was a nice colourful juke box, unfortunately switched on. The Green label was 89p a pint, was this a special promotion? This was the first pub that I saw Pecos Pete's steak flakes which are an interesting chew if somewhat pricey.

Keeping on down Turnpike Lane into Hornsey High St (crossing under the railway bridge we find on our right.

3. The Great Northern Railway Tavern, 67 Hornsey High St (NLBG 4/26) [[19:30]
Burton, Tetleys

Large two bar pub. Elaborate decoration on the windows and mirrors. The ceiling in the back bar is well worth a look. There appears to be a conservatory at the back of the pub. I was interested to note a urn on the bar which proclaimed Hot Irish £1.40, I would presume that this is for the supply of hot toddy (which is appropriate for the season).

Crossing the road we take the lane by the side of the old churchyard (cue Owls hooting) which takes us through to Church Lane, on down this road till it joins with Tottenham Lane where we should see.

4. Dick's Bar, 61 Tottenham Lane (NLBG 4/25) [20:15]
Greene King Abbot, Wadworths 6X

This is another large bar. There was something of a rough and ready feel to the place, chunky wooden furniture, brick walls etc. Quite a nice ambience. There are a number of TV's scattered about so avoid a football night (if you can). According to the NLBG this was a shop conversion.

Crossing the road and a short distance further on.

5. Orange Kipper, 128 Tottenham Lane (NLBG 4/28) [20:45]
Bass, Websters Green Label, Boddingtons

This pub has recently changed name as well (from the Hope and Anchor) and from the decor and beer range is obviously from the same stable as the Rat & Carrot. Single bar but numerous nooks and crannies and the walls are covered in the usual fake junk.

Re-crossing the road and another short distance on.

6. Lion, 139 Tottenham Lane (NLBG 4/31) [21:30]
Courage Best, Directors, Theakstons Best

Large pub, single bar but appears to be divided, one side is carpeted and the other side is bare floorboards. Apparently a conversion from a car showroom.

To get home you can return down Tottenham Lane to Hornsey railway station which will take you back to King's X (trains at 21:38, 21:49, 22:02, 22:29) or keep on back to Turnpike Lane tube station (another 5 mins walk).

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Trial: 24th October 1994
Present: P.Tiffany, J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone

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