Hassrale Trips: Hornsey

Date: Tuesday 25th April 1989

This is a trip through the north London area bounded by Finsbury Park, Turnpike Lane and Alexandra Palace. The trip has been postponed once due to a somewhat muddled trial run. However the second trial run passed off well and changed the emphasis of the trip. The trip starts with the rail journey from Moorgate to Hornsey. One could take a train or tube to Finsbury Park and pick the train up there. Alternatively one could take the tube to Turnpike Lane tube station and turn east down Turnpike Lane picking up the Wise Serpent which has been left off the main trip. This was a fairly quiet, modern, long thin pub serving Directors and John Smiths.

Following the approved route via Hornsey rail station we will start in - [note that times shown in [] are pub leaving times]

1. The Great Northern Railway Tavern - 67 Hornsey High Road [18:30]

Beers: Ind Coope, Taylor Walker, Youngs bitter

I hope that this pub will be open as it was closed for refurbishment on trial 2, but as that was some time ago I am confident that this will not be so on Tuesday. This is, or was, a large two bar pub, reputed to have loud music. Had a lot of seating area in the back and some benches outside if it is a fine evening. Said to have been first built in 1865 to cater for Hornsey railway station and so entirely appropriate for this trip.

Leaving this pub one continues east along Hornsey High St and comes to the next pub.

2. Three Compasses - 62 Hornsey High St [19:00]

Beers: Whitbread Flowers, Fremlins

A very large spacious one bar pub, plenty of seating and there appeared to be a pool table at the rear. There was a claim that they did food til 22:30 though we were unable to substantiate this.

Continuing in much the same vein we come to:

3. Hornsey Tavern - 26 Hornsey High St [19:20]

Beers: Websters Yorkshire bitter

This is an interesting survivor from earlier days in that it is a three bar pub, though the middle bar only had room for 4 people. The furniture looked as though it had seen better days.

There now follows a bit of a walk, luckily there are several takeways enroute to fortify those of an eating disposition. I hope that it is not raining! We are now climbing towards Alexandra Palace for those that wish to know.

4. The New Priory Inn - 169 Priory Road [20:10]

Beers: Bass, Youngs bitter, McMullens Country

A large pub apparently converted from a shop premises. There was a convivial atmosphere and a promise of guest beers so there may be other brews available on the main trip. The beer was said to be in fine condition.

Leaving here we reach the highest point of the trip where Priory Road meets Park Road down which we will descend. But before leaving this exalted position we must try:

5. The Victoria Stakes - 1 Muswell Hill [20:40]

Beers: Bass, Charrington IPA

This seemed to be another pleasant pub, maybe the drink is starting to take effect. Plenty of seating, beer excellent, what more is required (no food).

We now start to head down Park Rd, passing Hornsey Central hospital we soon encounter on our right.

6. The Bird in Hand - 115 Park Road [21:10]

Beers: Taylor Walker, Ind Coope Burton

This had all the appearance of a theme disco pub complete with grand piano, but who are we to be fussy. There was also a CD juke box.

Continuing down the road into more populous areas we find:

7. Maynard Arms - 70 Park Road [21:40]

Beers: Courage Best

May have been renovated, best feature is the large leafy garden at the back. However it was too cool on trial 2 for the garden to be tested.

We now arrive at the fabled Crouch End, obviously a tribute to early British curry houses.

8. The Queen Hotel - 26 Broadway Parade [22:10]

Beers: Courage Directors, Best

A very large pub, said to be a magnificent achievement by a local builder. Multi-bar pub with plenty of loud music, unlikely to worry any survivors of this trip.

Heading west now along Tottenham Lane we come to:

9. The Lion - 139 Tottenham Lane [22:50]

Beers: Courage Directors, John Smiths

Capacious horseshoe shaped bar, no musak. Another recent refurbishment, plenty of seating, fruit machines for the addicts etc.

I would now attempt to continue down Tottenham Lane to Hornsey Station for the return to town.

Survey Details:

Date: 10th January 1989

Team: D.Saffery, J.Wright, E.Featherstone

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