Hassrale Home Page

Hassrale Home Page

Date : Friday 14 December, 2018

This website is intended to be a archive for a Real Ale club which was founded in 1979 in the old DHSS (long gone now). While that Department no longer exists this club still keeps going (barely) so this is more of a historical record than anything else. The site mainly consists of beer trips arranged over the last few years. Many records are missing so this is a somewhat patchy record. I should point out that these trips were carried out on specific dates and it would be wise to assume that much has changed since they were written.

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There is also a complete list of all Hassrale trips but only a few of these have links to details Full List

There is a separate picture library which covers a number of the trips described above at the moment there is minimal description Picture Library

For a different look at pub crawls I have been passed a series of pub crawls written by Colin Price from East London Camra.

Not really beer related but here are some pictures taken on recent days out by rail

For somewhat more up to date material there is a blog at Hassrale Blog

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