Hassrale Trips:- Kingston Upon Thames

Date: Saturday 16th July 1983

This is a tour to test the endurance of even veteran drinkers (i.e. Tom Roll) - no less than ten pubs, five in the morning and five in the evening. A supplementary list is included below for the greedier members.

Meet: At Waterloo Station in time for the 10:16 train which arrives in Kingston at 10:40. Cheap day returns cost just £1.40. Alternatively if you are making your own way to Kingston, meet in pub number 1 between 11:00 and 11:30.

Buses: 85, 111, 131, 211, 213A, 215, 216, 218, 219, 285, 406, 476, 478, 479, 57, 67, 71

  1. Grey Horse, 46 Richmond Road - Youngs Bitter, Special. Has a good old fashioned public bar
  2. British Oak, 98 Richmond Road (corner of Richmond Park Road) - Ind Coope Burton, Friary Meux. Despite its name often features Irish folk bands.
  3. Wych Elm, Elm Road - Fullers Chiswick, London Pride and ESB. This pub only changed over to Fullers this spring and has been tastefully refurbished in the new style Fullers livery on the outside. Landlord used to run the Turks Head in Twickenham (they don't call me a mine of useless information for nothing.
  4. South Western - 20 Richmond Road - Courage Directors. Hopefully you will have passed this pub without stopping, on the way to pub 1. [at this point, some may be tempted to pop into the Two Brewers (Courage) by Bentalls garage.
  5. The Outrigger - Thames side - Manns IPA, Websters Yorkshire Bitter. A very pleasant riverside pub which is less crowded than the pubs south of Kingston Bridge. Kingston pubs close at 2:30 pm.
  6. At 5:30 meet in pub 6

  7. Bishop out of Residence - Bishops Hall, Thames Street - Youngs Mild, Bitter and Special. Modern pub, overlooking river, a must when in Kingston
  8. Gazebo - Samuel Smiths. Next door to pub 6, modern pub with unusual interior layout.
  9. Druids Head - 3 Market Place - Fremlin Tusker, Wethered Bitter. Pleasant, friendly market pub
  10. Ram - 34 High Street - Courage Best Bitter and Directors. Comfortable pub with a narrow garden overlooking river. Best bitter is only 69 pence a pint.
  11. Kingston Mill - High Street - Arkell BBB, Kingsdown, Gibbs Mew Premium & Bishops Tipple, Shepherd Neame Bitter. Prices slightly above average but worth it given the luxurious surroundings

Other Kingston pubs you may wish to visit :- Applemarket - 3 Eden Street, Griffin - 1 Market Place, Old Crown - 2 Church Street

See you on the 16th - Malo Harvey CO14 AFH