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Date: Wednesday 25th June 1997

This is a short trip round the area just south of Kings X which isn't really as bad an area as it sometimes portrayed. We start in one of the few Green King pubs in London.

1. The Skinners Arms - 114 Judd St [18:15] {116}
Greene King Abbot, IPA & Seasonal Beer

Popular one bar pub with a complete oval counter (handy for the London Drinker beer festival). Comfortable with plenty of seating, though it does get very busy in the evenings. Collection of ties hanging from the ceiling but no collars attached. Honest George is the landlord apparently.

2. Norfolk Arms - 28 Leigh St [19:00] {074}
Theakstons Old Peculier, Best, John Smiths Bitter

Busy pub opposite the famed North Sea Fish Bar. One large bar with a dominant rectangular bar counter. Carpeted floor, heavily decorated ceiling. The walls are festooned with French prints, note the old style etched glass windows (or are they transfers?). Sizzling sausages were advertised but none were in evidence.

3 Water Rats - 328 Grays Inn Road [19:45] {130}
Courage Directors, Best, Flowers IPA

Rather more compact than I remember it, probably because the main bar has now been split to accomodate the theatre at the back. The front "bar" is bare-boarded with a handful of tables which are candle-lit, redolent of a wine bar. Clear windows giving views of the main road are obscured by posters advertising various events in the (comedy) theatre.

4. The Lucas Arms - 245a Grays Inn Road [20:30] {062}
Courage Best, Boddingtons, Bass

Formerly a two bar pub but now all one albeit split level area. Carpeted, plenty of tables and even an outdoor drinking area at the back. Beware there only appears to be one toilet (unisex and only 1 seat).

5. Prince Albert - 2 Acton St [21:15] {096}
Fullers Chiswick, Websters, Theakstons Best, Courage Directors

Single bar pub, long narrow bar with raised area at one end (may be only for food). Fairly modern pub decor, Sky TV, pool table. Note the spiral staircase down to the toilets, be careful if not sober.

6. Kings Head - 61 Swinton St [22:00] {054}
Bass, Hancocks HB

Single bar pub, not too busy, does food in the evening (actually saw food being served). Plenty of seating, candles in bottles again. They had live Jazz at the back of the pub on our visit but I don't know if this is a regular event.

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