Wednesday 20th November 1996

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Start from Hyde Part Corner tube station.

1. The Grenadier 18 Wilton Row
Beers: Old Speckled Hen, Young's Special, Theakston Best, Courage Best.

Tiny bar with a small restaurant at the back that can seat 21 people. You can spill onto the Mews outside, but be careful not to get knocked over by the Range Rovers or Porsches.The Duke of Wellington's officers used it as a mess and he is said to have played cards there himself. There is a pewter bar counter which has been scrubbed since 1827 when the pub was built and over the years military memorabilia has accumulated. Outside is a red sentry box.

Walk back to the end of Wilton Row and turn right. Walk round the crescent until you reach Motcomb Street.

2. Turks Head 10 Motcomb Street
Beer: Bass.

Long room with bare wooden floors, raised area at end of bar. Food not available in the evening. Note the Dr Stephen Ward art gallery on the wall.

Turn right outside the pub and walk up Kinnerton Street until you reach the next pub...

3. The Nag's Head 53 Kinnerton Street
Beer: Adnams Bitter, Young's Best Bitter.

Small pub with an unusual bar counter which is the height of a normal kitchen table. Kinnerton Street is smart now , but it had humble beginnings. It started life in the 1820s as a service road for the grand houses in Wilton Place. It was mostly stables and the Nag's head was the ostlers' pub. It was tiny, not much bigger than a horse's stall, and this is how it stayed well into the 1960s. The landlord Kevin and his son Peter run the pub now. Kevin was a successful stunt man before he hurt his back and his son is a jobbing actor who one of the trial team had seen in Brookside.

A little way up Kinnerton Street is the next....

4. The Wilton Arms 71 Kinnerton Street
Beer: Green King Abbot, Boddingtons Bitter.

The pub was built like the previous pub in the 1820s. It has been altered over the years and about seven years ago it was decorated in the Whitbread manner with high settles and bookcases. Food is served all day.

Make your way North and turn left down Knightsbridge. When you reach Brompton Road you can see Knightsbridge Green on the right.

5. Tattersalls Tavern Knightsbridge Green
Beer: Courage Directors, Courage Best, John Smith's Bitter.

The pub is named after the famous auction rooms which used to be here. Comparatively modern pub dating back to 1958 when it was built to service the workers from a big Texaco building who then moved to Canary Wharf in 1993.

Walk up Knightsbridge Green onto Knightsbridge where you can see the next...

6. The Paxton's Head 153 Knightsbridge
Beer: Bass, Brakspear.

The pub is named after Sir Joseph Paxton the Victorian landscape gardener who designed and built the Crystal Palace. It was originally a hotel, but now the first floor is a restaurant and the other floors are offices. The ceiling is listed and there is a huge Victorian mantel clock on the fireplace.

Retrace steps back to Knightsbridge tube station.

Trial run : 17th September 1996
Present: J.Featherstone, E.Featherstone, M.Chambers, A Roger (1st only)

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