Saturday Trip to Lewes - County Town of East Sussex

Date: 21st June 1986

This is an excellent all day trip masterminded by Dave Saffery. The town and surrounding countryside are interesting and there is a chance of a quick trip to Brighton or elsewhere during the afternoon closed period for those with the energy. A variety of shops and eating places are open throughout the afternoon. There is a good variety of beers and the places in which they are served. You are strongly advised to attend.

The train leaves Victoria at 9:50 am (probably from platform 12 - but please check). We will meet at the barrier at 9:35 am or in the buffet area of the train after that. A timetable is attached in case of unforseen problems on the day (but not in this online version!). The day return fare is £7.10.

Arriving at Lewes about nine minutes before the first pub opens there is just time for a look at the excellent station book stall and then on with the trip. The first pub is about one minute from the station.

Times given in [] after the pub name are approximate departure times for those that want to visit each pub and spend the same length of time in each. Also for those that may wish to catch up.

Morning and Lunchtime

1. Lansdown Arms [11:35]
Beers: Wethereds Bitter, Samuel Whitbread Strong and Flowers Original

An excellent local one bar pub. A good selection of records on the jukebox, particularly for Rolling Stones fans.

2. Lamb [12:10]
Beers: Beards BB and King & Barnes Festival

A pleasant cottagey lounge, comfortable and cosy. An outside yard. Pool table and video jukebox in the public bar. Good food.

3. Fruiterers [12:45]
Beers: Shepherd Neame Invicta and Masterbrew

A corner pub with a pool table and dart board. Food available, last orders 2 pm.

4. Lewes Arms [13:20]
Beers: Beards BB, King & Barnes Sussex and Festival

Arguably the best pub in town, Buy a copy of the history of the pub. Split into several rooms the pub has a games room where children are allowed and you can play "pig in the middle" apart from the more usual games. Pies and pickled eggs are available. Friendly service,

5. Rainbox [13:55]
Beers: Wethereds and Samuel Whitbread Strong ale

Look for the saloon bar round the back. Not easy to find. Very good food served up to 2 pm. Try a prawn sandwich (£1.20)!!

6. White Hart Hotel [14:30]
Beers - Harveys BB

A two star hotel and old coaching inn. The bar is more like a pub than a hotel. Impressive gents loos - watch yourself! Restaurant food, coffees and cream teas (£1.95) available at various times.

That rounds off the morning/lunchtime session. Nearly all the pubs do food of some kind even if it has not been mentioned. There are coffee houses and snack bars in the town. If you fancy Indian or Chinese please check opening times as we found that they tended to shut when the pubs did! For a good basic fry up (mixed grill, tea and bread & butter - £1.90) Aladdins is recommended. They stop serving at 3 pm. There are plenty of shops in the town and a castle. This should keep you occupied till 6 pn when we start again.


E1. Brewers Arms [18:40]
Beers: Youngs, Tanglefoot, Fullers London Pride and Adnams

A free house serving guest beers - take your chance. The Ship Bar through the back has plenty of tables and chairs. There is a yard which will have a few tables if it is sunny.

E2. Pelham Arms [19:20]
Beers: - Harveys

A plush pub that sells excellent food {restaurant}. A bit trendy and perhaps a bit crowded but we can out number them. A large open car park.

E3. Black Horse [20:00]
Beers:- Harveys Bitter, King & Barnes Festival

Yet another Buddy Holly juke box (I haven't mentioned the others but I herd them). Basic two bar pub - not as bad as that sounds. Ham rolls and snacks. Good Crackles!

E4. Swan [20:40]
Beers:- Harveys and a mild on handpump something else I can't read

A pleasant local's pub. A bit of a trek so if you are pushed for time move to E5

E5. Kings Head [21:20]
Beers: Charrington IPA and Bass

In the national beer guide. Only 5 minutes to the station...and the train was dead on time

Author: Reg Wright - Hassrale Secretary
Date: 4th June 1986

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